The Design Conference

In-person and Online Event

Brisbane, Australia

Organizer: Analogue Digital Agency

The Design Conference is a wonderfully confronting experience for creatives. Bring your hopes, dreams and ambitions on an uncommon journey into creativity, culture and leadership. Get connected to a deepened sense of self while gently expanding your mind and circle. Be bold. Let the transformation begin.

Featuring Keynote Talks from over 30 of Australia’s, New Zealand’s, and the world's best creatives, including Yah-Leng Yu (Foreign Policy • Singapore) and Eddie Opara (Pentagram • USA) as well as a swag of Panels, Fireside Sessions and Workshops (Announced Monday, May 29), The Design Conference 2023, is set to fuel your creative engine well into 2024.

International Speakers:

Eddie Opara: Pentagram (USA) • Alastair McCready: Monolith (NZ) • Alexis Nikou: Beetroot (GRE) • Yah-Leng Yu: Foreign Policy (SG) • Dean Poole: Alt Group (NZ) • Liza Enebeis: Studio Dumbar/DEPT (NL) • Francisco Andriani & Clara Fernández: Asis (ARG) • Bernardo Henning (ARG) • Tyrone Ohia: Extended Whanau (NZ) • Karabo Moletsane: Karabo Moletsane (ZA) • Dot Lung: Dot Lung (IL)

Domestic Speakers:

Michaela Webb + Robert Nudds: Studio Round • Evi-O: Evi-O Studio • Andrew Ashton: Edison / AA • Jasmin Badir: Innocean • Christine Sultana: NightJar • Jim Antonopoulos: TANK • Meg Perkins: Meg Perkins • Annette Harcus: Harcus • David Byrne: Bigfish • Paul Marcus Fuog + Uriah Gray: U-P • Jarmaine Stojanovic: SCCO • Tash Menon: Mash • Sam Price: What’s This? Studio


of Monolith
Learn more about Alistair McCready

Alistair McCready (PDINZ) is a New Zealand born designer, writer and typographer. His work has been recognised through various awards and accolades from both local and international institutions. In 2022 he was named an Ascender by the Type Directors Club of New York. Since 2015, Alistair’s studio; Monolith — has tasked itself with producing work composed out of attention to aesthetic and technological detail, prompting a reputable portfolio of work for eminent companies such as Focus Features, FIFA and Toblerone. Monolith is founded on the belief that the best ideas are only strengthened by the ability to execute them with care and craft, working alongside a international design studios, type foundries and independent organisations. Alistair’s conviction and work in the preservation of heritage, has taken him to important sites and ceremonies across the globe. Over the last decade, Alistair has travelled, documented, and engaged with monumental sites around the world — helping to educate various individuals and communities on the importance of understanding links to their past.

of Beetroot
Learn more about Alexis Nikou

Alexis is a co-founder of Beetroot design agency, which has been a leader in visual communication and branding design since 2000. He studied graphic design and advertising in Thessaloniki. He is uniquely talented in developing original visual identity concepts and expanding them into fully developed brand universes that can successfully and distinctly represent an entity, product, or service in any medium. Alexis is the driving creative force behind the majority of Beetroot’s branding projects for national and international corporations, state entities, NGOs, and cultural organizations.

of Pentagram
of Beetroot
of Karabo Poppy
of Studio Dumbar/DEPT®
of Hola Bosque
of Bigfish
of Beetroot
of Foreign Policy
of Edison / Aa
of Harcus
of Nightjar
of Mother of Dragons
of Evi-o Studio
of SCCO Studio
of Innocean
of Alt Group
of Megan Perkins Design
of U-P
of Studio Round
of Mash
of Extended Whānau
of Nightjar


In-person from A$412.50 Streaming A$165

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