Mouvo is a two-day event hosting world-class creators and thinkers from the intersection of graphic design, animation, video, and new technology. The eighth edition of Mouvo will explore the topic new.0 and the creators’ never-ending hunt for newness.

Mouvo, an annual first-class conference where digital design, audiovisual culture, visual communication, technology, and art intersect and create a fascinating interdisciplinary community. The 2023 theme explores and celebrates everything NEW. The vision is to embrace newness in all its forms. Together with our excellent speakers, let’s explore the neverending hunt that lives in digital artists and designers who strive for new shapes and patterns and are never truly done. Stir the old ways of thinking and begin your journey while adding a sprinkle of novelty. New is exciting! Check out our NEW website for more information & tickets!


Learn more about Tim Rodebröker

Tim Rodenbröker is a German designer and creative technologist working in generative and procedural animation and design. Tim intensively uses his programming knowledge and operates on the verge of coding and graphic design. He founded the Creative Coding platform that offers programming lessons aimed at designers and artists. Tim brings together a like-minded community fostering a more curious and bold attitude towards everyday new technology that continuously confronts us with new challenges. Additionally, he produces podcasts where together with his guests, he focuses on all aspects of the intersection of creative technologies, design, and programming.

Learn more about Stupid Studio

he Stupid studio is an award-winning design studio with a multidisciplinary team of designers, filmmakers, and communication specialists. The team develops impact solutions for clients like LEGO, Adidas, and IKEA, helping them understand their role in an increasingly palpable 21st century. Cleverly tackling challenges requires new thinking and novel ways of measuring success. Stupid studio's co-owner, Christian Mogensen, is a whimsical creative leader based in Denmark. Christian helps purpose-driven organisations develop and mature their innovation capabilities, strategies, products, and services by combining research and design with strategy, communication, and intelligent facilitation. The title of his talk is Partner & Play Executive.

Learn more about Joëlle Snaith

Joëlle is an artist and designer working in the realm of live visuals and performance where she explores the relationship between sound and form. She’s interested in visually communicating the feelings she has when she listens to music and exploring the connection between what she hears, feels, and sees. Using frequencies and minimal structures, she creates compositions that are largely sculpted by sound. She’s the visual artist for electronic musician and DJ Richie Hawtin and a resident at FOLD, London.

Learn more about Mélina Poiré

Mélina Poiré is a Montreal-based motion designer. Her work centers around bold design, typography, and colors. Commenting on how fonts can define many palpable feelings and realities: "I have always been fascinated with typography. I think that it easily expresses an idea or a personality." Mélina created the Motion Motion Festival trailer for 2022 using kinetic typography that mixes both 2D and 3D. Besides being a guest of the creative challenge known as 36 Days of Type, her projects allow Mélina to discover her style, explore new techniques, and play around with shapes and graphical design. Commenting on how fonts can define many palpable feelings and realities: "I have always been fascinated with typography. I think that it easily expresses an idea or a personality." She currently works full-time alongside the talented creatives at Oddfellows

Learn more about Evan Anthony

Evan Anthony is a New York City-based artist passionate about design, animation, code, and craft, from interactive media through installation to print. Since creating his first animation and code on a TI-83+ graphing calculator, he hasn't stopped experimenting with media. Together with Jeremy Abel, they founded the studio Feral Cat Den, and in 2021, they released their debut indie game Genesis Noir - a poetic adventure about stopping the Big Bang to save love. Genesis Noir received critical praise, including awards from the Independent Games Festival, a BAFTA nomination, and scored in 17 best-games-of-the-year lists.

Learn more about Raquel Meyers

Raquel Meyers is a Spanish artist defining her practice as KYBDslöjd "mecanografía expandida" (transl. expanded typing). Raquel describes her practice as "a manual skill with a keyboard" that materializes text by typing characters beyond the screen. It questions our relationship with technology and crosses the boundaries of mere arbitrary intervention. Simultaneously, it draws from and refers to typewriting, concrete poetry, computer art subculture called demoscene, and brutalism. The typewriter contributes to the execution, while poetry contributes to a system, a brutal language that requires learning. In a digital era, no one is free from paradoxes. Raquel works with the so-called obsolete technologies like Commodore 64, Teletext, typewriters, embroidery, and fax. Since 2004 her work has been shown in art centers, galleries, and festivals worldwide.


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