​Design Summer Schools 2016 - Apply Now

It’s almost the end of the 2015-2016 school/work season and probably you all think of having a long big break. Maybe you should postpone the thoughts of white beaches and cocktails and see if you can learn something extra. Get introduced to new perspectives, receive some portfolio feedback, make new friends, discover new places and party (of course). AND then have yourself a well deserved holiday.

People always want to learn more, so we understand the world around us better and help shape our own future. Knowing that, we went out and searched for the coolest, oldest, and prestiges design summer schools these next months. If we missed the one you are organizing or attending, please let us know.

So pack your swimsuit and find yourself a hands on design summer learning experience.

If you want to do something totally different than design, check out the website for Summer Schools in Europe. They offer a complete overview of all summer courses provided by universities around Europe.

Enjoy your summer!

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