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Design Matters Tokyo

📍 Tokyo, Japan

Design Matters is a global community of digital creatives who love to explore and inspire each other to break new ground in digital design.

    🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️ Speakers

    • Pablo Stanley
    • Mitsuko Sato
    • Oliver Reichenstein
    • Christina Melander
    • Christian Bason
    • Amber Jae Slooten
    • Vitaly Friedman
    • Marcus Fuchs
    • Lesley Price
    • Simone Rebaudengo
    • Alberto Vitullo
    • Manami Ueda
    • Anita Patwardhan
    • Nicolas Arroyo
    • Ingrid Haug
    • Jeannie Huang
    • Thomas Holst Sørensen
    • Brady Mason
    • Bianca Berning
    • Sam Horner 2021

    📍 Online, World Wide Web

    There's been so much buzz this year around the Jamstack because it helps you build web sites that are faster and more secure with a great developer experience. Whether you are new to the Jamstack or an experienced Jamstack developer, you'll love, our new virtual community conference all about the Jamstack coming JAMuary 28-29, 2021.

      UXLx Masters

      📍 Online, World Wide Web

      Masters of UX sharing a lifetime of knowledge in one exclusive event

        🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️ Speakers

        • Jared Spool
        • Kim Goodwin
        • Steve Krug
        • Josh Clark
        • Margot Bloomstein
        • Jeff Gothelf
        • Marc Stickdorn
        • Denise Jacobs
        • Derek Featherstone
        • Cheryl Platz
        • Erika Hall
        • Kate Rutter

        Forward Festival Vienna

        📍 Vienna, Austria

        Hybrid Forward Festival 2021 is all about the transformation of society through digitization in the creative scene. It raises questions about the virtualization of our lives and our work, especially during the “new normal”. Forward Festival wants to be an eye opener to the striking aspects of digitization – applied to design, creativity and communication.

          OFFF Barcelona

          📍 Barcelona, Spain

          20th edition of OFFF Barcelona. Born as a post-digital culture festival, now feeding the future through a 3-day design conferences, workshops and performances by the most relevant artists of our time. OFFF hosts innovative and international talents to share their insightful experiences. It’s the key meeting point for all talents around the world to unite and collaborate.

            🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️ Speakers

            • Adam Lisagor
            • Albert Exergian
            • Antfood
            • BEEPLE
            • Baugasm
            • Burn & Broad
            • CROWD
            • Claudia Gödke
            • Echoic
            • Ekaterina Solomeina
            • FOREAL
            • Fabien Barral aka Mr. Cup
            • Future Deluxe
            • GMUNK
            • HATO
            • HORT
            • Hola Lou
            • Indi Maverick
            • James Paterson
            • Jared Tarbell
            • Jean Jullien
            • Josh Higgins
            • Joshua Davis
            • Marshmallow Laser Feast
            • Meg Lewis
            • Middle Boop
            • Mucho Partner: Loran Stosskopf
            • Musketon and Friends
            • Neil Mendoza
            • Olga Midlenko
            • Omelet
            • STATE
            • Sam Rolfes
            • Serial Cut
            • Liza Enebeis
            • TeYosh
            • Tessa Forrest AKA Subliming
            • Tommy Perez
            • Twenty Third C
            • Yambo Studio

            Productized Masters 2021

            📍 Lisboa, Portugal

            Productized Masters are 2 days of hands-on 8 masterclasses and 2 insightful keynotes. You'll enjoy a series of honest lessons and practical tips. Be prepared to get inspired and learn about product thinking, product management, and product discovery with the Masters!

              beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2021

              📍 Berlin, Germany

              Berlin’s no. 7. beyond tellerrand is back in Berlin to celebrate creativity and inspiration. Come and join us for motivating, thoughtful and educational talks, workshops and side events. The main show takes place on August 25th and 26th with workshops and side events around these two days. As you might recognize we moved the event from November to September and maybe we are able to use the lovely outside area of the venue as well this time. Registration opens January 20th, 2020.

                beyond tellerrand // MUNICH 2021

                📍 Munich, Germany

                We are back in Munich! Join us for the second edition in Munich after 2018. Two days with exciting talks plus workshops and Side Events around those two days. The core event, the conference with talks and 500+ people, is taking place on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd of November 2020. Ticket sale starts April 1st. Stay tuned for more information soon.