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SmashingConf Live

📍 Online, World Wide Web

A smashing, friendly online conference on front-end & UX. With interactive live sessions, practical insights, accessible speakers, collaborative notes and fireplace chats with like-minded folks.

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    UX+ Conference 2020

    📍 Manila, Philippines

    UX+ is an online conference for aspiring and seasoned User Experience professionals. UX+ Conference invites speakers that are the most renowned UX practitioners and designers, from Southeast Asia all the way to Silicon Valley. This allows our attendees to hear from different points of view, from successful local startups, to the most influential firms around the world.

      🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️ Speakers

      • Julie Zhuo
      • John Zeratsky
      • Dan Mall
      • Femke van Schoonhoven
      • Derek Fidler
      • Julie Schiller
      • Treffyn Koreshoff
      • Niaw de Leon
      • Rannie Teodoro
      • Kylie Timpani
      • Arvi Raquel-Santos
      • Sheryl Cababa
      • Justine Win
      • Riel Mosqueriola
      • Marianne Ho
      • Andrei Gonzales

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      $39 until Jul. 31, $49 from Aug. 1 - 16, $59 from Aug. 17 - Sep. 13,

      Postponed OFFF TLV 2020

      📍 Tel Aviv, Isreal

      The 4th edition of OFFF Tel Aviv. OFFF TLV is a visual design festival hosting innovative creative creators. They are a community inviting all those who are eager to learn to participate and get inspired in a two-day conferences journey of talks, workshops, and inspiration

        Postponed WXG

        📍 Guildford, UK

        Now in its eighth year, WXG is an all-day tech conference exploring what we can achieve when we work together.

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          KIKK Festival 2020

          📍 Namur, Belgium

          The 10th edition of KIKK, a multi-track festival on the intersection of art, science & tech to explore the economic and artistic implications of new technologies. The conference is on Thursday and Friday, all exhibitions are also open on Saturday and Sunday.The event gathers people of all backgrounds from all around the world. They are designers, scientists, makers, entrepreneurs, artists, architects, developers or musicians.

            beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2020

            📍 Düsseldorf, Germany

            This is number 10! Ten editions of beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf. Join beyond tellerrand to celebrate 10 years of creativity, inspiration, learning and meeting with a lovely group of people each and every year. The main conference is taking place on Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th and as usual, beyond tellerrand has a lot of other things planned around those dates with side events and workshops. The organization, Marc Thiele, is planning some special surprises for the 10th edition. Not sure what it is going to be, but let’s find out … Get your tickets from September 30th, 2019 on. See you in Düsseldorf!

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              Online SmashingConf SF

              📍 San Francisco, USA

              The Smashing Conference is a four-day event for professional web designers and web developers.

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                Super Early Bird — 399 USD Early Bird — 499 USD Regular — 599 USD Last Tickets — 699 USD Workshop — 499 USD Conference + 1 Workshop Ticket — 998 USD Conference + 2 Workshop Tickets — 1397 USD

                TypeTech MeetUp Munich

                📍 Munich, Germany

                TypeTech MeetUp hosted by ATypI and GRANSHAN is a unique event during the Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW), where communities of font engineers and designers, web designers and developers, industry experts and tech & business professionals gather in a relaxed atmosphere.

                  The Design Conference 2020

                  📍 Brisbane, Australia

                  The Design Conference is an event for creatives. They discuss more than the future of design — but what design means in the hearts and minds of the world's favorite creative leaders. By being transparent and vulnerable, The Design Conference engineers an experience that is designed to move, motivate, educate and connect.

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                    OFFF Barcelona 2020

                    📍 Barcelona, Spain

                    20th edition of OFFF Barcelona. Born as a post-digital culture festival, now feeding the future through a 3-day design conferences, workshops and performances by the most relevant artists of our time. OFFF hosts innovative and international talents to share their insightful experiences. It’s the key meeting point for all talents around the world to unite and collaborate.

                      🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️ Speakers

                      • Adam Lisagor
                      • Albert Exergian
                      • Antfood
                      • BEEPLE
                      • Baugasm
                      • Burn & Broad
                      • CROWD
                      • Claudia Gödke
                      • Echoic
                      • Ekaterina Solomeina
                      • FOREAL
                      • Fabien Barral aka Mr. Cup
                      • Future Deluxe
                      • GMUNK
                      • HATO
                      • HORT
                      • Hola Lou
                      • Indi Maverick
                      • James Paterson
                      • Jared Tarbell
                      • Jean Jullien
                      • Josh Higgins
                      • Joshua Davis
                      • Marshmallow Laser Feast
                      • Meg Lewis
                      • Middle Boop
                      • Mucho Partner: Loran Stosskopf
                      • Musketon and Friends
                      • Neil Mendoza
                      • Olga Midlenko
                      • Omelet
                      • STATE
                      • Sam Rolfes
                      • Serial Cut
                      • Liza Enebeis
                      • TeYosh
                      • Tessa Forrest AKA Subliming
                      • Tommy Perez
                      • Twenty Third C
                      • Yambo Studio

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                      beyond tellerrand // BERLIN

                      📍 Berlin, Germany

                      Berlin’s no. 7. beyond tellerrand is back in Berlin to celebrate creativity and inspiration. Come and join us for motivating, thoughtful and educational talks, workshops and side events. The main show takes place on August 25th and 26th with workshops and side events around these two days. As you might recognize we moved the event from November to September and maybe we are able to use the lovely outside area of the venue as well this time. Registration opens January 20th, 2020.

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                        beyond tellerrand // MUNICH

                        📍 Munich, Germany

                        We are back in Munich! Join us for the second edition in Munich after 2018. Two days with exciting talks plus workshops and Side Events around those two days. The core event, the conference with talks and 500+ people, is taking place on Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd of November 2020. Ticket sale starts April 1st. Stay tuned for more information soon.

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                          Early Bird €199 Regular Pass €299