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On Monday August 8th, for the second time, digital product studio Bakken & Bæck organised there one-day conference An Interesting Day. The design conference is held on a tiny island in the Oslofjord, Norway. An Interesting Day is a on request only free gathering for friends and partners of the studio.

Bakken & Baeck selected for this edition six renowned speakers: Jessica Walsh, Andy Moon, Maya Baratz Jordan, Ekaterina Gianelli, Ben Barry and closing speaker Ling Valentine. After the sessions it was bingo and party time. With one of our favorite Norwegian dj’s Prins Thomas.

Morteza Vaseghi was one of the happy few who attended An Interesting Day 2016. This story started with this weird photo he posted on twitter. Which let to this review interview.

Morteza Vaseghi
Photo: Morteza Vaseghi

Can you please introduce yourself?

I'm Morteza Vaseghi, a graphic and media designer, work with range of clients and projects from branding to more cultural projects. Most recently have been doing the art direction and graphic design of Recens Paper. Recens Paper is a youth culture magazine exposing the lifestyle of youth and its subculture. It's a very big project for me, and I have poured a lot of passion into it, it’s a very unique project cause I work with the amazing 16 years old Elise By Olsen, our aim with this project is to challenge the stereotypes ruling the industry and mainly challenge the norms such as minimal Scandinavian design, we have been featured on most international medias (from Guardian to i-D) and some locals. The magazine is selling world wide now from Japan to US and EU and UK (even in Tate Modern!)

Morteza Vaseghi and Elise By Olsen.
Morteza Vaseghi and Elise By Olsen.

How did you found out about An Interesting Day?

We found it through the invite that we got for recent paper (originally just sent to Elise By Olsen). We asked for two, cause we are a mainly a team of two and do and go most events together and hold talks and lecture in the same way. But since we just got one it was decided that this is more my department then hers ::)

Was it an interesting day?

The day was real nice and there was a very good atmosphere from the start regardless of shitty weather, selection of the speakers were spot on and they gave a good mixture of talks, brakes were just right on time and hospitality was quite generous, overall a very nice surprise compared to other Norwegian based conferences that I've been attending or taking part at.

What was the highlight of the day?

The first talk (Jessica Walsh) and the last (Ling Valentine) were very good and obviously a helicopter bringing a giant slingshot was very exciting.

Have you meet new people?

Yes, I met many people from US and some from here.

Would you go next year?

I would definitely go next year and we would love 2 tickets and would more love to maybe hold a talk there to present our project and visions, so far we've been talking in National Museum, did a quite similar conference at Barcelona (IAM, you should check it out! ), going to Germany to have a talk at the Art Directors Club and will be giving a lecture at Grafill in next 3 or 4 months.

Have you made a lot of pictures/video’s?

I’m afraid no, I was too amused to take a pic, tried to enjoy the moment instead.

Found out more about A Interesting Day and learn from Bakken & Baeck, they help companies invent, build, and launch their next product or venture. Discover the fantastic work of Morteza Vaseghi. And check out the amazing magazine Recens Paper.

A Interesting Day
A Interesting Day website header.

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