Writer and musician Claire L Evans

PodcastBy Thomas Dahm,

Claire L. Evans, musician, sci-fi editor, artist and author of Broad Band: The Untold Story of the Women who Made the Internet. In episode 31 Thomas Dahm and Claire L. Evans talk about this untold story, writing daily for the 5 Every Day app and why Los Angeles is the most interesting city at the moment.

Meeting with Claire is always a pleasure. Before recording this podcast I have met her twice. Ones during her Science Fiction writing workshop at STRP Festival. The second time, during beyond tellerrand in Dusseldorf. Here I recorded a podcast with her and Mike Monteiro, which was crazy with an overheated recording device. This episode is podcast is recorded at MU Artspace in Eindhoven. Where Claire gave a lecture related to the current exhibition Computer Grrrls. The exhibition highlights the historical role women played in the development of computer science, but it also offers self defense instructions against technology, outlines the relationship between gender and algorithms and reveals dazzling visions of the future. Computer Grrrls is on display at MU to 6 October 2019.


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Claire's Neon 5


Edible weeds, hedge weed


The Mushroom at the End of the World by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

Movie: Music:

Energy Flow (Rework) by Ryuichi Sakamoto feat. U-ZHAAN

Claire L Evans and Thomas Dahm Photo: Matt Cottam

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