Kali Nikitas, Curator of moments

PodcastBy Thomas Dahm,

Kali Nikitas is Chair of the Communication Arts of the MFA Graphic Design Program at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. She has curated international design exhibitions, has facilitated Typo Berlin and Typo San Francisco. Kali has and host workshops and special events in the States and abroad. In this episode Thomas Dahm and Kali Nikitas talk about graphic design, curating events, the current role of women in design and why she prefers short presentations over long lectures.
Kali Nikitas, curator of moments.
You don't need a lot of time to say a lot
— Kali Nikitas

Kali's Neon 5

Food: Book:

Fire Next Time by James Baldwin


Captain Fantastic by Matt Ross

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Visit Athens, Greece.

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