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PodcastBy Thomas Dahm,

Episode 25 of the Neon Moiré Show is with designer, creative director and founder of self-named studio Kate Dawkins. Her studio is specializing in creating and delivering bespoke content for live performances, shows and brand events. Ever since I saw her presentation in Düsseldorf I'm fascinated by the visual richness of her work. In our conversation, recorded at FITC Amsterdam 2019. Kate and I talk about how she works on projects, the impact they have on her studio. Her collections of trainers, German toys and Penguin books to name a few. She shares how she prepares for her presentations and how she improves them every time. Enjoy listening.
Episode 25 with creative director Kate Dawkins

Visual Show Notes

This is a little experiment. Normaly show notes are a list of links. But as we talks about projects that are realized and documented it would be strange to give you a link and not show the published work. So in chronical order the works discus in this episode.

The video for a 2003 remix of Elton's 1979 song "Are You Ready For Love", directed by Kate Dawkins
The Elton John Red Piano show was a rich, flamboyant and stunning visual extravagance as you would expect from Elton. The show was art directed by world famous photographer David LaChapelle.
London 2012 Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies
fast and furious live
Fast and Furious Live
To mark the centenary of Passchendaele, Third Battle of Ypres, the DCMS held a series of commemorative events. One of these special events took place in Ypres Market square.
From World War 1 to Fast & Furious Live, Kate Dawkins' talk at btconfDUS2018

Kate's Neon 5


Mashed potatoes

Book: Movie:

It's a Wonderful Life (1946), directed by Frank Capra

Music: Miscellaneous:

Don't work to hard. Enjoy life.

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