Jesse James Garret on creating a human-centered design conference

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Episode 20 of the Neon Moiré Show is with San Francisco-based user experience designer Jesse James Garret. Jesse joins us this week to share with us which elements make a good experience, discuss the influence attending a conference can have on your thinking and how annual UX Week grow out to one of the most important design conferences around.

Jesse James Garret's career in human-centered design includes co-founding the first UX consultancy, Adaptive Path; writing the foundational book The Elements of User Experience, whose iconic five-plane model has become a staple of the field; and defining Ajax, the dynamic interaction model that transformed web technology and design in the Web 2.0 era. His work has been published in more than a dozen languages and he is a frequent keynote speaker on making designers and organizations more human-centered in their work. Jesse currently leads experience design storytelling for Capital One, which acquired Adaptive Path in 2014. Jesse is also host of the annual UX Week in San Francisco, which takes place for the 16th time in August from the 21st until 24th in downtown San Francisco.

Episode XX — Jesse James Garret on creating a human-centered design conference
You need to be able to be in-touch with your sense of play, in order to engage in creative exploration.
— Jesse James Garret

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