Neon Moiré X Graphic Matters: More Hugs by Ken Lo

PodcastBy Thomas Dahm,

Neon Moiré Show Episode 10. Interview with Hong Kong-based graphic designer Ken Lo. The conversation is recorded in the open air exhibition More Hugs by Ken Lo Breda, during Graphic Matters 2017.
Neon Moiré Show with Ken Lo
I think everyone should make use of their time. Think about time. It’s like animation, if you are using animation you can go back to the first frame. But life you can’t rewind. You can’t go back. So every moment is the moment. You need to think about time. What are you doing? Just ask yourself what are you doing now, and then you give yourself an answer, and just do it. Don’t waste any time.
— Ken Lo

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Make use of your time

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