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PodcastBy Thomas Dahm,

Maral Pourkazemi is designer and the Director of Operations at Visualized. A conference about Data, Storytelling, and Design. We talk about how Maral became a organizer and how organizing influence her design work.

Really happy to announce that Neon Moiré is now also a podcast. Podcasting is totally new for me. So i'm completely out of my comfort zone. I’m a big fan of the of the medium. As podcasts can have so many forms, from completely scripted stories to two friend discussing one topic. For me, for now, it’s a registration of an interview. My podcasts will have the same aim as the written interviews I made the past year. Figuring out what it’s like to organize a design-driven event, as a designer. And how organizing influence the design practice and visa versa. I did not think long about a title for the podcast, so I just called it the Neon Moiré Show. You can find the Neon Moiré Show on Soundcloud.

Episode I is with Iranian designer Maral Pourkazemi. She is a self acclaimed Design Activist. With her studio she creates design experiences, using data and information visualizations. Next to that she is design lead at Design Talent, is member of collaborative group Deeplab, organize small and big events like Visualized Conference. We talk about how Maral became a conference organizer and how that influence her design work. The interview is recorded during FITC Amsterdam X.

Neon Moiré Show Episode I Maral Pourkazemi

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