​Podcast: Liam Young, speculative architect

Liam Young, architect turned filmmaker, on using storytelling, documentary film, and multimedia performance as an architectural medium.
Neon Moiré Show — Episode II — Liam Young

One of my favorite presentations at FITC Amsterdam X was by Liam Young, the co-director of Unknown Fields Division, a nomadic research studio, and founder of urbanism think tank Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today. Young works between documentaries, fictions and futures. He tells stories about the global and urban implication of emerging technologies and he uses techniques from film, fiction and performance to explore what the future might look like and what the emerging trends are that beginning to shape those futures around the world.

It is super awesome to experience Young’s live cinematic performance. At FITC it was a nine screen presentation where he showed a stitch of his films In the Robot Skies (2016), Where the City Can’t See (2016), and Renderlands (2017), and projects like Transmissions from The Drone Orchestra (2014) combined with find footage, to tell his story about a city in the near future.

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See Liam Young perform

1 APR 2017: Liam Young will bring an Expanded Cinema Performance version of ‘In The Robot Skies’, joined by musician Forest Swords at STRP Biennale in Eindhoven, NL

30 MRT — 13 MAY 2017: Liam Young: New Romance, the first U.S. solo exhibition at Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery in New York, USA.

Special thanks to FITC.ca for setting up the interview. The interview is recorded during the 10th edition of FITC Amsterdam at Pakhuis De Zwijger, on the 20th and 21st of February 2017.

Cover photo by Merten foto.

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