Filippo Spiezia, co-founder of Digital Design Days & Award 2016 / OFFF Milano

New this year in Italy are the Digital Design Days & Award 2016 / OFFF Milano events from 27-29 October. We talked with Filippo Spiezia co-founder and creative director of both events. Filippo Spiezia is an award winning art director and visual designer elevating the art of storytelling lately as Senior Interaction Designer at Second Story Interactive Studios, part of SapientNitro in Portland, OR. He’s now working independently pushing the boundaries of graphic, digital, interactive and multimedia design working on projects for Fortune 500 companies in Italy, UK and the US.
Trailer Digital Design Days & Award + OFFF Milano

What it the story behind starting Digital Design Days & Award 2016 / OFFF Milano?

It is almost like a dream. It was my desire to have an unprecedented event in Italy. I want to bring together the most innovative and disrupting protagonists of Digital Design from the whole world and put them on the same stage with the most excellent national experts. All to favor a confrontation, a dialogue between different cultures, inspire one another, share experiences and foster new collaborations.

You asked us to present Digital Design Days & Award 2016 and OFFF Milano as separate events on our site, why? I’m curious.

Digital Design Days & Award is a larger event that includes OFFF Italia (Milano), workshops, digital installations and many networking opportunities. OFFF is the backbone of this first edition, but next year it will be on its own and may set a precedent for other Italian cities.

Why did you choose to become part of the OFFF family?

I took part in about 10 editions of OFFF Barcelona, and several others of OFFF on Tour. I am deeply in love with this event, its format, the atmosphere that pervades OFFF. My strong desire was to bring it to Italy and share this event with my design community.

You introduce the Italian Digital Design Award, why?

Since 2012 there is no longer an official and qualified award in the Italian digital scene, not to mention the web. We created this award to stimulate, promote and reward the creative excellencies of Italy in digital design.

Digital Design Award Teaser

How do you curate the program?

First of all I invited all the artists and professionals I adore (from a professional point of view), and those who are best at delivering their talks, make it alluring from every point of view. The event grew day after day, with the enthusiastic support of the most influential leaders in the world and from the most successful Italian companies alike.

I'm curious have you given the speakers a brief/subject for their talk?

Actually, no. For this first edition I left full freedom in the choice of the subjects. I only indicated the main theme: design in the digital world, whatever this may be: web, sound, motion, installations, game, app, or anything else.

Can you tell something about the showcases and installations presented during DDD?

After my experience in Portland at Second Story, I have learned the importance of technology as a support to the user for the involvement in any interaction and experience with a brand or a product. Therefore I decided to involve many digital artists and ask them to bring some of the most beautiful and fascinating projects for the public. Some are shown for the very first time, like the SU installation by Bertrand Carrara and Yi-Wen Lin, an evolution of star canvas. The Interactive Wave by Sorob Louie, Senso and me, is a video installation that we will make interactive with live tweeting. Lastly, the innovative interactive dance performance Complessità by Enrica Beccalli and Roula Gholmieh has its European debut after the Tribeca film festival.

Interactive dance performance Complessità.
Interactive Wave by Sorob Louie, Senso and Filippo Spiezia.

What are you most proud of if you look at the complete program?

I am more excited as designer than as creative director of the event. We will welcome so many leaders in the digital design field that are very well respected in Milano. Some will come to Italy for the first time. I can’t wait to listen to their talks and share this with the Italian community.

What are you aiming to achieve through organising both events?

It will be fun, inspirational and there will be very much to learn from all these excellent speakers that will come. A unique and unmissable experience, with an unprecedented lineup that were never brought together in a single event before. In the beginning we thought to start with a Zero edition but then, with my partners, we decided that the first edition should mark our will to make this event the “can’t miss” of the year and a not only for Italy benchmark in the digital scenario.

What’s the concept behind the event branding?

The pixel is the main element that creates the interaction between user and display, whatever it is. The communication is founded on this element and its development took many creative directions: the event brand, or the promotional video, the website or the DDDot trophy of the Digital Design Award.

Why did you decide to use a purple and green colour palette? We like it!

No real reason. We really liked this combination of colours, and together with Graffiti, that supported us in the branding and social media, we chose to apply it in all the possible versions and for all the elements of our communication.

Lastly, what’s the DDD signature drink?

Well, beer, but also very good wine. Let’s not forget we are in Italy! We want to make sure that there are good opportunities for networking between participants and participants and speakers and we try to create as many occasions as possible for new collaborations to sparkle.

Digital Design Days & Award

27—29 October 2016
Milan, Italy

OFFF Milano

28—29 October 2016
Milan, Italy

Speakers includes:

Hello Monday, Accurat, Alex Jenkins, Riccardo Giraldi, Jakob Kahlen, Unit9, Saizen Media, Mucho, Ars Thanea, Mediamonks, David McCandless, IDEO, The Mill, Claudio Guglieri, Alex Brunori, Hector Ayuso, Anton & Irene, Vasava, Dogstudio, Carla Cascales, Sehsucht.

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