Alternative futures explored at Made in Space

New this year is hybrid event. From 15 until 17 June 2017, the 3-day happening explores alternative futures. Made in Space is organised by SPACE10, a future-living lab and exhibition space in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Carla Cammilla Hjort Space10
Carla Camilla Hjort, director of SPACE10

We had the pleasure to talk with Carla Camilla Hjort, director of SPACE10. As a creative and cultural entrepreneur Carla has organised multiple events, including Denmark's annual influential music, art and technology festival Trailerpark. Now days before the start of the premiere edition of Made in Space we are curious how it all started and what we can expect when attending the event.

What led up to organizing the 3-day hybrid event?

We're constantly exposed to extraordinary people through SPACE10 and we did Made in Space to both share the thoughts and ideas of some of these people as well as showcase what we do at SPACE10 and most importantly why we do it. Honestly we also love doing festivals and after closing down Trailerpark Festival last year we wanted to experiment with a new format – you could call it a more grown up festival :)

What is the story behind the festival name, Made In Space?

One of my colleagues came up with it in a different context – and I just really liked the name, plus it makes a nice connection to SPACE10 and it makes me think of something beyond the ordinary. Hopefully we can live up to the name :)

You describe Made in Space as a hybrid event. With a conference, a festival, and workshops. Why did you choose for this set up?

Because I think that the merge of these formats makes the perfect foundation for a festival, that are equally inspirational, experiential and fun. We need to both be inspired, enlightened and dance!

The event covers 3 themes Coexistence, Circular Societies and Digital Empowerment. Why these themes, and how are how they related?

These are the 3 themes we're exploring at SPACE10 at the moment. As cities will grow bigger and rapidly become more crowded and polluted we are researching how we can coexist. Create space for ways of living that are sustainable and affordable, that support our everyday sense of well-being. Within the theme Circular Societies we explore how we can shift from our “take, make, waste” economic model to one where our things and food are produced in a closed loop – locally, sustainably and more efficiently. Lastly, with Digital Empowerment we closely look into how technology, like digital fabrication and artificial intelligence, empower us to create better lives. Made in Space is a chance for us to show people what we do at SPACE10 and why we do it.

SPACE10's exploration bio lab.
SPACE10's exploration bio lab. Photo: Space 10
IKEA Hack by Maaike Fransen. Photo Alastair Philip Wipe.
IKEA Hack by Maaike Fransen. Photo Alastair Philip Wipe. Photo: Space 10

It’s premiere edition of the event, what has been the most challenging part in launching the happening?

No doubt TIME. It's a bit ambitious to do a festival in 3 months, especially when you're also doing a lot of other things parallel to that. But besides all the challenges I think we've managed to put together a great program. Because it's a first edition we've also allowed ourselves to make mistakes and the most important is that we can give people an intimate and special experience. That we can build on in the future.

When looking at the program, what are you most excited about?

Personally I'm looking forward to a lot of things... I'm really excited about Indy Johar, Al Jeffery and Carlo Ratti from MIT. However I'm also really into the session curated by Girls Are Awesome, featuring the first female Imam of Denmark who believe the future of Islam is female and then I can't wait to take part in our intimate dinners with Coco O and Oh Land.

What are you aiming to achieve through organising Made in Space?

We hope to create a unique platform for exploring alternative future scenarios, that hopefully makes people reflect and take active part in designing for a better future for all of us and the planet.

What do you want your audience to take home after a one or 3-days of Made in Space?


Lastly, what’s the signature drink of Made in Space?

Organic awesomeness.

Made in Space

June 15 –17
Copenhagen, Denmark

SPACE10 is a future-living lab. Supported and set up in collaboration with IKEA, to add external innovation capability to the organisation.


Ravi Naidoo, Jens Martin Skibsted, Jessi Baker, Sinus Lynge, Tomas Diez, Alastair Parvin, Liam Young, Mariano Alesandro, Rachel Wingfield, Indy Johar, Carlo Ratti, Pontus Westerberg, Kathraina Unger, Leyla Acaroglu, Caroline Hobkinson, Al Jeffery, Anton & Irene. View full program.

The Growroom
The Growroom. Photo: R. Hjortshoj
Venue SPACE10. Photo by Alastair Philip Wiper.
Venue SPACE10. Photo: Alastair Philip Wiper.

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