SmashingConf Antwerp

Antwerpen, Belgium

SmashingConf Antwerp is a brand new conference on design & UX by Smashing Magazine. For designers and UI engineers who love the web. On design systems, usability, product design and complex UI challenges. Boost your design skills, the smashing way.


    • Luke Wroblewski
    • Chiara Aliotta
    • Brad Frost
    • Fabricio Teixeira
    • Christine Vallaure
    • Nick DiLallo
    • Stéphanie Walter
    • Claudio Guglieri
    • Mystery Speaker
    • Vitaly Friedman (Host)

    Adobe Max

    Los Angeles, USA

    Adobe MAX - The Creativity Conference is an annual event with the purpose to promote the latest Adobe releases to those in the computer design and development industries. Spark your inspiration, learn how to bring your best ideas to life, and connect with other passionate creatives. You can join Adobe Max face-to-face in Los Angeles, or virtually from anywhere.