Neon Moiré Show: Gavin Strange aka JamFactory

Episode 16 of the Neon Moiré Show with Gavin Strange aka JamFactory. Gavin is a senior designer at Aardman animations, speaker, author, star of CBBC show 'Art Ninja', and runs his creative studio JamFactory by night. Thomas Dahm talks with Gavin about the notion of time, the opening titles of FITC Amsterdam and titles in general and public speaking and more...

In the interview we dive deep in the proces of making the opening titles of FITC Amsterdam, how Gavin circle of time works and why he is so disciplined. The back story of getting the assignment for OFFF Barcelona opening titles in 2016. There is a guest appearance of legendary title director Kyle Cooper and for the foodies under you, Gavin shares a delicieus recipe for you the make. The interview is recorded during FITC Amsterdam 2018.

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Show Notes

FITC Amsterdam 2018 titles, Designed, Directed & Animated by Gavin Strange aka JamFactory. Music & Sound Design by Thomas Williams

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