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Episode—VII. [Interview is in Dutch]
In this episode, Thomas Dahm talks with Breda based animation studio Smack. Studio Smack are Béla Zsigmond, Ton Meijdam and Thom Snels. Many of you will know Studio Smack's work, they are the makers of the music video Witch Doctor for De Staat. Reason to talk with Studio Smack is their overview exhibition Dreaming of Mass Behavior during Graphic Matters. The conversation has been recorded in the park for the main venue of the festival in Breda, where we talk about the power of 3, mass behavior and design for debate. Enjoy the show.

Studio Smack: Tom Snels, Ton Meijdam, Bela Zsigmond

Neon Moiré x Graphic Matters

In partnership with Graphic Matters, we bring you a special series of interviews with researchers, designers and thinkers who are presenting work during this long-running graphic design festival. This episode is the first in that serie.

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Neon 5.


Shaka Ponk - Mysterious Ways
De Staat - Witch Doctor
Branded Dreams
Pimp My Planet

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