The Conference Malmö

The Conference is a two-day gathering, 29-30 August 2023, in Malmö, Sweden where a thousand curious minds meet to delve into the promises and pitfalls of human-machine-nature-and-more relationships. In a time of uncertainty, we explore the present and the futures and spend time thinking of actions to take next and now.
The Conference Malmö

Speakers from all over the world representing a wide range of disciplines will join us and on stage you can expect to find anything from brain scientists and activists to design experts and artists.

This experience is like going to your favorite arts museum, dinner at a professor's house, and a business retreat with your best friend – all wrapped up in a down-to-earth format in the small but great city of Malmö.

Have a look at who’s spoken on our stages over the last decade—our video archive has 300+ recorded talks from 2011-2022:

Confirmed speakers are are updated continuously:


29 - 30 August 2023


Dec 14 - Mar 21
6 990 SEK (≈ €640)

Mar 22 - May 17
8 990 SEK (≈ €825)

May 18 - Aug 29
10 990 SEK (≈ €1 000)


Media Evolution
Official Event Website


Carlsgatan 12E
211 20 Malmö, Sweden

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