Rethinking the futures of the internet(s)

IAM Weekend 21 is the 7th edition of IAM’s annual gathering for designers, researchers, strategists, artists, technologists, journalists, policy analysts and other creative professionals looking to collectively rethink the futures of the internet(s). IAM Weekend 21 takes place on 11, 12 and 13 November.

This year, on top of a 3-day in-person programme of talks, live interviews, panel discussions, unconference sessions, workshops and salons in Barcelona, they will also be offering a social live stream to enable even more participants to join remotely.

To make IAM Weekend 21 financially feasible, the event is being pre-launched through a crowdfunding campaign seeking the support of at least 200 backers. Find out more at their Kickstarter campaign page at:

IAM Weekend 21 Trailer
IAM Weekend 18 — The Quantumness of Archipelagos / Ingrid Lafleur
IAM Weekend 17 - The Renaissance of Utopias / Elijah & Ducan Harrison

Who is IAM Weekend 21 for?

IAM Weekend is for anyone wanting to collectively explore the mental, social and environmental impacts of digital technologies and join a growing community that cares about the futures of the internet(s).

IAM Weekend is an event for:

  • Designers looking to find perspectives that go beyond the design echo chambers and expand their critical thinking mindsets;
  • Trend researchers and strategists looking to discover and give meaning to cultural insights emerging across different industries and regions;
  • Responsible technologists and digital innovation teams looking to better understand the implications and possibilities of working with emerging technologies;
  • Journalists, researchers and policy analysts looking to encounter perspectives that provide deeper and alternatives ways of understanding how the digital economy is impacting society;
  • Artists, curators and cultural producers looking to find collaborators and inspiration for their projects and programmes while learning how to enhance the social value of their practice.

The thing that makes IAM Weekend truly unique is the IAM Family, the gathering’s eclectic community of speakers and attendees that grows with each new edition and extends all year round, beyond and between events. Coming from a broad spectrum of career stages, cultural backgrounds, disciplines and sectors, this one-of-a-kind community is connected by a strong sense of purpose and curiosity for post-technological ways of thinking and doing around the internet(s).



Edifici Vèrtex Polytechnic University of Catalonia / UPC
Plaça d'Eusebi Güell 6
08034 Barcelona

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