Neon Moiré Show Live: Current State of Women in Graphic Design

Join us on Thursday, October 25th, 2018 for the first Neon Moiré Show Live. Special guests are graphic designers Simone Trum, Loes van Esch, Stephanie Specht, Hansje van Halem and curator of moments Kali Nikitas.

Thomas Dahm will talk with the guests about their paths to becoming a designer, starting and building up their own independent design studio. What it means being a female designer in the age of social media and becoming a public speaker during the rise of creative conferences.

You are invited to join the conversation at MU, an explorative presentation platform that operates in a rich international network of creatives who define the liminal space between ‘what art is and what art can be’. MU is based in Eindhoven, NL. The Neon Moiré Show Live is part of the 17th edition of the Dutch Design Week.

About our guests

Team Thursday

Loes and Simone are educated at ArtEZ Institute of Art & Design, Arnhem. Since 2010 they work with commissioners like TENT Rotterdam, Wilfried Lentz, Mondriaan Fund and Hong Kong Arts Centre. Next to that they teach at the Graphic Design department at ArtEZ Arnhem, host (ir)regular exhibits at the front part of their studio, TTHQ, and initiate own projects.

Team Thursday
Team Thursday. Portrait by Kyoungtae Kim

Hansje van Halem

Graphic designer Hansje van Halem gathered recognition with her distinctive typography and geometric, almost psychedelic illustrations built on complex patterns. Van Halem digitally scratches, draws or weaves her letters and designs stamps, posters and illustrations. Her design-experiments sometimes lead to commissioned applications for public space, including a border fence at the Dutch Schiphol Airport. Her work is in the collection of museum, amongst others Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL) and Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (CH). Since 2017 Hansje is the head designer of music festival Lowlands.

Listen to our interview with Hansje about creating the new graphic style for Lowlands.

Hansje van Halem
Hansje van Halem. Portrait by Marc Eckardt.

Stephanie Specht

Stephanie Specht is a freelance graphic designer from Antwerp. Her style is best described as intuitive, abstract, typographic and minimalistic, typified by an almost analytical fragmentation of shapes, in combination with an intense color palette, drawing inspiration from architecture and music. After graduating from the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Antwerp (Graphic Design - 2000-04), Stephanie started freelancing with a focus on brand identity, illustration and book designs. Having lived and worked pretty much everywhere in her 12-year career (Cape Town, Brussels, Princeton, New York, Antwerp), every single one of these experiences shaped her as a creative person. Despite her busy schedule, Stephanie still puts time and effort into various personal projects such as her monthly illustrations and collaborations with other creatives. Named in the Top 3 List of Promising Designers, Flanders Style in Monocle’s The Forecast (2016).

Stephanie Specht

Kali Nikitas

Kali Nikitas is Chair of the Communication Arts and Founding Chair of the MFA Graphic Design Program at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. She has curated international design exhibitions, has facilitated Typo Berlin and Typo San Francisco. Kali has hosted workshops and special events in the States and abroad. Over the years, her studio, Graphic Design for Love (+$), has been recognized in numerous publications and competitions. She currently serves on the CalArts Alumni Council and is the Arts Commissioner at Large for the City of Inglewood and is redirecting her practice more towards collaboration and human connection.

Kali Nikitas
Kali Nikitas

About the Show

The Neon Moiré Show is an in-depth interview show, hosted by Thomas Dahm. Thomas sit down with today's most provocative designers, conference organizers, and curators for thought-provoking conversations that dive into the creative process, career, and life. The Neon Moiré Show can be found on Apple podcast / Google Play / Soundcloud.

🕗 Schedule

19:30 Doors open | Refreshments available (cash bar)
20:00 Enjoy the show (runs 60-90 minutes)
21:30-23:00 Stay and hang | Refreshments available (cash bar)

🎟 Tickets

This is a free event. However you can become a Patron of Neon Moiré.


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