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Ready to shape the future? Discover FITC Toronto, a globally recognized event showcasing the best the world has to offer in design, digital development, media, and innovation in creative technologies. The unique event offers you the chance to hear from pioneers in art, brand design, typography, motion design and technology, and participate in unique talks.

The 20th edition of FITC Toronto will kick off on Monday 17 April. Spread over two days, the conference explores the future of all things innovative, technical, and creative to inform, challenge and inspire you. The conference offers two presentation tracks, an exhibitor lounge, a participant lounge, and evening events all in the spectacular venue of The Great Hall in Toronto's West End. In addition to an in-person event, FITC Toronto will broadcast presentations for online attendees, with recordings available for future viewing!

With more than 20 speakers from all over the world and from different backgrounds, FITC Toronto is curated for digital creators of all kinds ... designers, developers, motion graphics artists, digital artists, and anyone who creates things in the digital space. Featuring technical to inspirational sessions by the most knowledgeable and innovative minds in the industry, there is something for everyone.


🎤 Featured Speakers

Jessica Hische
Lettering Artist

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is a lettering artist and author living in Oakland, California. She’s had the pleasure of working for some pretty crazy clients over the years (like Wes Anderson, Starbucks, Fender Guitars, and the US Postal Service), and spends a little too much time “procrasti-working” on personal projects. Her first children’s book, “Tomorrow I’ll be Brave”, is a must have.

Barney Steel
Co-founder / Director, Marshmallow Laser Feast

Barnaby Steel

Barnaby Steel is an artist and director of the London-based experiential studio Marshmallow Laser Feast. Barnaby's art practice focuses on the senses; he entices audiences into a state of expanded perception, a space where the boundaries between bodies blur. His work is deeply rooted in scientific observation as a window that allows us to see through and beyond our own experience, to understand the complexity of things hidden from the naked eye. His work steps outside the human-centric worldview, and explores the threads that intertwine us with the more-than-human world.

Can Büyükberber
Visual Artist & Director,

Can Buyukberber

Can Buyukberber is a visual artist based in Hawaii who works on immersive audiovisual experiences that blur the boundaries between physical and digital spaces. His practice consists of experiments with various media such as virtual/ augmented reality, projection mapping, geodesic domes, large-scale displays and digital fabrication. Driven by an interdisciplinary thinking and curiosity that extends to art, design and science, Buyukberberber's work often focuses on human perception and explores new methods for non-linear narratives, geometric order, synergetics and emergent forms.

Joshua Davis
Artist, Joshua Davis Studios

Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis is a NY-based designer, technologist, author, and artist in algorithmic imaging & animation. An adept illustrator and painter with a passion for technology, Joshua's work brought a whole new dimension to art. Using randomness in controlled environments, or Chaos Theory, the artist established a new and unique perspective on visual communication and creative expression, pioneering an area previously unexplored in graphic design. Joshua is best known as the creator of Praystation, where he showcased new design work and experiments with code and was one of the first to offer open-source files for download. He currently maintains an open-source library for processing, HYPE framework, and writes his own code to produce user interactions and generate visual compositions according to rule-based, randomized processes.

🎤 All Speakers

Can Büyükberber, Barney Steel, Sands Fish, Aaron James Draplin, Emilie Baltz, Jared Ficklin, Jessica Hische, Erin Sarofsky, Brendan Dawes, Mandy Stobo, Jessie McGuire, Catt Small, Michael Fullman, Elizé Leborgne, Justin Cone, Emily Oberman, Joshua Davis, Gene Kogan, Ali Phi, Paul Trani

🎟 Ticket Details

In-person: $499-699 CAD (Super Early Bird, Early Bird, and regular pricing) Register for FITC Toronto in-person here
Save $100 off your ticket with code 'neonmoire'

Online: $79-149 CAD (Super Early Bird, Early Bird, and regular pricing) Register for FITC Toronto online here

  • Access to all presentations at the event, including being part of the Q&A with each presenter
  • Six months of access to all of the session videos of the main room after the event
  • Access to all activities during the event including an evening event on Monday April 17

📍 Venue

The Great Hall
1087 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6J1H3
Please note: this event is available both in-person and online.

📅 FITC Toronto

17 - 18 April, 2023
FITC Toronto in-person, FITC Toronto online

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