Our Design Conferences App

Based on our selection of the best design conferences around, we build a super simple app. You can favorite and filter the design-related events on Continent, Country, Month or Discipline. Next to that, there is a selection with design summer schools, design weeks, and more... Let's give it a try.
A walkthrough to our Design Conferences App

Why make the data also available in a separate mobile version?

When Glide, a no-code mobile app builder, came out we started testing the service. We built simple apps, like our Neon Moiré Show podcast app or the design summer school app. To see how easy it is to turn our spreadsheet into a data-driven mobile app was, and to learn how users interact with our content if we presented differently.

We got a lot of positive response so we kept building apps, like this one, but also to feed or personal needs and those of our clients. Next to the further development of Neon Moiré as a resource for creatives who want to attend design-driven conferences or festivals and as a platform for event organizers.

This mobile version of Neon Moiré has already several options that we are currently testing to implement on the site. Such as filter the design-related events on Continent, Country, Month or Discipline. These are single filters. The filter we're currently testing is a multi-selector, so you can find more easily the perfect conference for you to attend.

In the coming months, we will develop further this mobile app, and our site, all to make it easier for you to find, attend and travel to your next conference.

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If you have questions, or feedback please it the chat below.

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