Speaker Story: Francesco Pini

Design conference speakers come from a wide range of backgrounds, experience levels, and interests. With Speaker Story, we interview speakers and share the stories behind their talks. In each interview, we ask how they get started, what they have learned from being on stage, and specific advice for aspirant speakers. By sharing these stories, we want to help others get started. Today we are happy to share Francesco Pini's story. Francesco (aka wrongish) is the lead visual designer at Cobalt who provides Pentests as a Service from Berlin.

How did you get into public speaking, Francesco?

I got into public speaking because, as every each one of us, I have a couple of things to say, and I want to tell them! I had no technique and not even a talent for it. But I found a way to learn the skills you need, and I started to build my public speaking profile from that.

Francesco Pini

What do you like about speaking at conferences?

The 'performance side' of it, the playfulness, the authenticity. The opportunity to provoke your audience in a way that, through other media, would be probably rejected.

On which topic(s) do you typically speak about?

For the last years, I have been working on this project called 'wrongish', 'an act of compassionate friction that questions and challenges the digital design narrative exploring the boundaries between design, beauty, and self-expression.'
In a nutshell, my call is a call for creativity against the world of digital sameness we (and I) have built. It's a call for awareness as well.
I have an Art Historian background, and I want you to understand where we come from and demystify many beliefs of our industry about 'innovation'. Ultimately, I want to inspire you to be brave and aware and to find your voice.

AROMAN(s) by Francesco Pini

If you give a talk with slides, what platform/tools do you use to create the presentation?

Figma or Sketch. I like boards. I don't like the constraints of the standard presentation tools.

How much time do you spend preparing your lecture?

If it is a 40min speech and I'm building it from scratch it can take 1+ week.

Do you have a pre-talk routine?

I keep rehearsing until I'm called on stage.

How do you own the room?

Passion is the most powerful tool to connect with your audience.

Passion is the most powerful tool to connect with your audience.
— Francesco Pini

What advice do you have for new speakers?

Toastmasters is an amazing and incredibly supportive organization. Join one meeting (it's free, and if you join, it's still very, very cheap) and start your pathway as a public speaker.

Are there any other speakers you look up to? Anyone who’s inspired you?

Many, the best speaker I met was a bus driver. Anybody can be a good speaker with work and practice.

Where can we go to learn more about you? Any upcoming talk?

Instagram: instagram.com/wrong_ish
Website: wrongish.org

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