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In the Deep Dive with UX Design Award winners on 16 June, Henning Falk of Intuity Media Lab will describe the development process of the UX Design Award Gold | 2019-winning project “Minimic - the intelligent microscope”.

“Minimic” combines automated imaging with AI-powered image analysis to support diagnostic tasks in medicine and life sciences. The current focus is on automated detection of malaria and tuberculosis. The format, live interactive presentations followed by a Q&A session, offers a behind-the-scenes look at award-winning projects and spotlights key team members. We will be streaming the conversation live in English on Linkedin and Zoom.


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Working with different microscopy techniques to tackle biological questions during my education and PhD at Heidelberg University, I realized that tinkering and creative problem solving are the tasks I most enjoy. At Intuity we do exactly that: fast software/hardware prototyping to test and experience innovative concepts for a digitalized, smart future. Since 2019, I am the product manager of the Minimic.



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