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ReDesign Business: bringing the design industry and business together A pioneering digital programme explores what design and business can learn from each other, launching at London Design Festival 2020

15 talks, 5 workshops, 1 masterclass, 3 networking sessions and 6 Sleep Labs – all over 6 days Curated by Propela and in partnership with Design Council, Design District and Innovate UK, ReDesign Business will have an impressive line-up of talks, masterclasses and workshops spanning six days of events, each hosted on the online video platform Twenty Three. A £20 ticket allows unlimited access to the live programme, and will include on-demand access to every event until 19 November 2020, so attendees have the chance to rewatch the lectures or catch up on any sessions they miss. The conference’s speakers and workshop leaders represents a global roster of visionary thinkers from the worlds of design and business. Working in collaboration with Vanessa Dewey, a creative leader who was worked with iconic brands such as Mattel, Adobe and D&AD, Deborah Rey-Burns and the Propela team have curated an extraordinary line-up of individuals with unusual or unique perspectives, each of them offering a bold, transformative vision for the future of business. Talks include: Aline Costa, head of culture transformation at Beautiful Corporations, discussing the value and activation of purpose in business with Brompton Bicycle CEO William David Butler-Adams. Entrepreneur Tolu Farinto is a changemaker at the agency Utopia, which aims to rewire business culture towards purpose, inclusion and entrepreneurism. He shows business leaders how small changes can help tackle systemic problems and break down barriers faced by minority groups. Vanessa Dewey talks to architect and systems designer Indy Johar about how the current recession can serve as the trigger point for a complete systems reset in which the historic orthodoxies of economics, politics and leadership can be challenged or overturned, and how there is an urgent need for new, collective and proactive leadership to take us out of crisis. Speculative designer Ted Hunt making the case for designers treating time as a creative medium through ‘fourth-dimensional thinking’. Researcher, futures strategist and co-founder of the School of Critical Design Gemma Jones joins him to unpack how embracing the plasticity of time might help designers and businesses bring about an era of regenerative growth and equitable progress. An advocate of ‘designing for happiness’, J Paul Neeley argues for a new, big-picture approach to the design process, one that takes into account the complexity of the world and considers all outcomes, not simply the narrow goals of ‘faster’, ‘stronger’ or more ‘profitable’. Co-founder of the critically acclaimed foresight, design and technology studio Superflux, Anab Jain will outline her concept of a more-than-human politics, arguing that we need to bring diverse communities together to collectively imagine the possibility of another world. Sophie Thomas – the campaigner, designer and chartered waste manager who has advised the likes of Dr Martens, Procter & Gamble and Samsung – offers aspiring circular businesses a toolkit to reduce their environmental impact, drawing on inspiring real-life success stories from the design world. Innovation coach and host of ‘The Grandkids Test’ podcast, Stephanie Rosilio talks to finance-industry leader Charlotte Valeur, former head of the Institute of Directors, about breaking down stigmas surrounding neurodiversity and how conditions such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia could be the untapped superpowers in your business. Marketer and design-thinking evangelist Letizia Marchetti offers an insightful introduction into the design process, demonstrates the tools that designers use to creatively solve problems – and demystifies the design mindset to help businesses survive and thrive in the post-Covid landscape. Workshops include: Gaea108, a collective teaching leaders regenerative business strategies, lead a 90-minute workshop on how to create collaborative and self-sustaining business cultures that make a proactively positive impact on systems, products and people. In/Visible Talks, the US design conference for creative professionals, hosts an hour-long hands-on ‘Creative Flow’ session in which attendees will be encouraged to tap into a tactile creative medium – using caffeine and anything else in the kitchen they can find to make a mark. The British inventor, designer and creator of the documentary The Reinvention of Normal Dominic Wilcox spends an hour helping participants reinvent their own normal, unleash their bottled-up creativity and break out of the mundane. Richard McVetis, the artist and sculptor known for his beautifully embroidered drawings, invites conference attendees to use the slowness and rhythm of hand-stitching as a route to meditation on time, and an opportunity to clear the mind and take pleasure in making. In 90 minutes, Mark Adams, head of innovation at VICE Media, gives you the lowdown on rebuilding a brand after Covid. For the most up-to-date information, please view our schedule

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