#Digitized19 Digital Design Conference

Athens, Greece

Organized by: Digitized Digital Design Conference

Digitized 2019 is a series of exciting events that bring together and inspire the digital creative community in Southeastern Europe. Presentations, workshops and networking events combined to create content which is useful, fun and relevant.

A series of seven workshops will run on November 10, 2019 from 10am to 5pm. They aim to create content that combines theory and practice, coming from experts of the digital design community. Micro-Interactions using FramerX, Figma Design Workshop, UxD Workshop: A journey from user to final digital product – and vice versa, Strategic Design Process. Essentials steps for immersive designs, Practical User Experience Workshop, Designing the Future: Design Thinking for Teens


  • Christina Boubalou
  • Dimitris Savvakos
  • Geoffrey Lillemon
  • Jade Tomlin
  • Alexander El-Meligi
  • Francesco Bernabei
  • Vuokko Aro
  • Antero Päärni
  • Verena Sandbote


40€ Early Bird 1 50€ Early Bird 2 45€ Student


Micro-Interactions using FramerX, with Athanasia Lykoudi
10 Nov 2019
Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece 6-8 Xenias Str, 11528Athens
Micro-Interactions using FramerX Framer X is a powerful design and prototyping software, which you can use to build realistic interactive prototypes fast. It helps design with the idea of how your product will work in the end. It is packed with advanced design tools that build interactions like scrolling areas, carousels, flipping cards, responsive elements right from the canvas. It also makes it incredibly easy to add complex user interactions in your prototypes, elevating it to the next level. Playground allows you to quickly test new concepts within the in-app code editor using ReactJS. This workshop will teach you all about designing meaningful interactions in Framer X. It will briefly cover the basics of Framer X in creating high-fidelity prototypes using the powerful built in tools. There will be an introduction to code, the Framer API, and Framer Motion. You’ll learn how to create design and code components with detailed interactions, advanced animation curves and events. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a deep understanding of how to create animations and interactions in Framer X, using both its built in design tools and ReactJS code to improve your designs and prototypes.
Practical User Experience, with Thanos Papavasileiou
10 Nov 2019
Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece6-8 Xenias Str, 11528Athens
UX Design contains a lot of methodologies and principles that require a lot of hands, a lot of time and huge budgets. Unfortunately, in the real world you are called to solve problems and provide answers in no-time and with tiny budgets, often being the sole designer in your organisation. What are the most common UX methodologies, designers actually use? How do you choose the right methodologies every time? Is there a specific order? What tools do we need? Are you truly alone or can other - non-designer - humans participate? We all want the same thing at the end. A beautiful, meaningful digital solution that people will be happy to use and remember while serving all the business goals at the same time. To get there, someone’s got to do all the legwork first and in this hands-on workshop, that would be you! We’ll talk about all the above and put it to practice by designing a product together. From idea generation to research, design and validation, at the end of the day, you’ll know how to cut through the bullshit and deliver real UX results, with limited time and budget.
Design Thinking for Teens, with Elena Avatangelou
Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece6-8 Xenias Str, 11528Athens
How many times have you used an app that, although useful, feels like it was meant for someone else? How many times have you thought to yourself, “If I had designed this, I would have made it much better / prettier / simpler”? Designing a mobile app or a product is easy. Designing an interesting, fun, engaging app that speaks to its audience is not. If you put a teen audience in the equation, then the task becomes even more challenging. Design Thinking is a methodology for creating new and innovative ideas and solving problems, that is applicable to all walks of life. It focuses on understanding the people involved, the unique circumstances tied to each situation, and coming up with creative, innovative solutions tailored to the actual user needs. Our goal is to create future innovators by bringing Design Thinking into the teenage classroom. Through a hands-on, fun and interactive workshop, teen students can experience the “magic” of Design Thinking and design their own mobile applications, while also developing valuable skills such as empathy, the ability to collaborate, to deal with ambiguity, and, of course, to create. Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” Let us start by designing it!
Figma Design Workshop, with Blueground
Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece 6-8 Xenias Str, 11528Athens
Get your hands dirty and learn all the aspects of crafting interactive user interfaces in a powerful tool that hosts various qualities under the same roof. During this workshop, we are going to cover the basic elements of digital product design through to more advanced and complex features. From icons, styles and components to nested components, team libraries and Figma plugins. Prototype, share and preview your work live. Once we’re done, we’ll be exploring ways to upload your library to create an online Design System to share with the world. Our goal: Experience product design in Figma by building an interactive app from scratch (we are going to split up in small teams). Takeaways: ● Vector manipulation (advanced shape operations, icon creation) ● Typography, Styles and Style Stacking ● Basic UI Creation & Spacing ● Components and nested elements (handle constraints and multiple grids) ● Dynamics on local and shared design systems ● Basic and advanced Prototyping ● Code hand-off
Strategic Design Process, with Kommigraphics
Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece 6-8 Xenias Str, 11528Athens
Design as a design, or as an effective tool that promotes and enhances your client's business? In this workshop we will introduce you to a strategic way of thinking process, always having in mind that the final outcome should serve the client’s objectives. You either win it or break it! Together, we will go through all the essential steps of a digital landing page design, from brief up to creation and completion. At the end of the day you will have learned how to better fulfil your project's purpose, unlock your creative thinking, build an efficient strategy and navigate through a successful design process. During this workshop, you will be assigned into a team and together we will cover the following topics: ● How to better understand the brief, thus your client ● How to set up a solid strategy● How to properly understand the content of a sitemap ● The importance of wireframes and how to use them for your own benefit ● How to research effectively ● How to go through the design process ● How to organise your thoughts and take decisions upon the design process ● The importance of a project presentation
UxD Workshop, with Big Horror Athens
Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece 6-8 Xenias Str, 11528Athens
The modern branding question: is there UX without UI? Can great UX standalone in creating holistic consumer driven experiences in the digital world today? Visual designers know the answer is that one can’t survive without the other. The key to crafting a meaningful product experience is in marrying the two. When it comes to branding in the digital age, UX and UI form the basis of consumer impression. Modern businesses know positive ones go beyond a “wow” factor - translating to lasting engagement & repeat sales. The challenge for today’s UI designer is to design beyond the “boxes” - combining time-tested UX principles with impactful design. Learning to shape UX through illustrations, photography, typography, space, layouts and color. As online commerce grows, digital platforms become the gateway for brand deployment & the buying process. The purchase process has been transferred to digital channels - forcing brands to greet, guide & convert customers entirely online. So, how do they do that? In this 6-hour workshop, we’ll do a deep dive into the construction of an e-shop homepage. From initial wireframing to the completion of a full e-commerce homepage design based on a visual design language. We will also analyze basic UX principles, along with basic components of what it means to create a digital visual language. We’ll also demonstrate the art of telling a story to lead users to desired action. Join us for a total exploration of digital design: 01. UX (e-commerce) process for beginners (3 hours) ● Intro to UX basic Principles: discover the foundation of good UX ● Design Wireframes for an eshop homepage based on content map We will be working in teams for a combined effort! 02. Make it fabulous! - UI / Digital Branding (3 hours) ● Intro to Digital Branding: what it is, why it matters & how to brand for the digital age ● UI Design of an e-shop homepage: based on the wireframes we created and a digital visual language that we’ll give to the participants Will be working in teams, again! Who should apply for this workshop: + Aspiring Digital Designers + Graphic Designers + Front-End Developers + Motion Designers

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