Perennial Institute Summer Program

📍 Berlin, Germany

The Perennial Institute is an experimental education program created to explore the boundaries of design and art practice through the lens of plants. In our 2018 Berlin summer program, we have crafted an workshops and experience that will deepen connections with this important resource, in order to expand our creativity. We will bring together creatives, cooks, scientists, florists, foragers, and more in the pursuit of experiences, knowledge, experimental practices and new awareness. The program is aimed at artists, designers and those interested in plants. Each day participants will explore plants in new ways from sensory perception to ethnobotany, arrangement, scent, pigment production, Berlin community gardening, and more. It will culminate in individual experiments around the city of Berlin.


🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️ Speakers

  • Jai McKenzie
  • Julka Almquist
  • Andrew Rewald
  • Lilia Luganskaia
  • Shota Nakamura
  • Elsa Sloanen
  • Scent Club Berlin

🎟 Tickets

€ 700

📇 Organization

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