Open Set Summer School 2018 ‘Fluid Rhythms’

📍 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Summer School is the start of a seven-month programme ‘Fluid Rhythms’, which aims to address the key practices and methods of ‘rhythm’ in the fields of arts, design, urban planning, performance, and humanities. How can we tune the urban infrastructures of everyday life, that are influenced by rigid power structures and concrete separations? Rhythmanalysis in populated areas is an observational method which allows researchers to understand the effects of the variations in movements, spaces, sounds and natural forces on the inhabitants of those areas. This entails entering a process of research, design and testing in the local context. This intense programme provides a unique opportunity to experience a diverse set of concepts and methods related to ‘rhythm’, within the context of the Bijlmer, — one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Amsterdam, once envisioned as an urban utopia and famous for being called the ‘city of the future’.

Building on the Summer School, it is also possible to continue the programme, by joining the related LAB trajectory (for developing new practice-based research projects) and the Seminar ‘Rhythmanalysis in Context’ (October 2018–February 2019).

Application deadline: 1 July (Early Birds 1 June)


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