180 Creative Camp 2018

📍 Abrantes, Portugal

180 Creative Camp aims to provide a time and place for young creators, invited artists and thinkers to learn together, exchange experiences and give birth to amazing creations. 180 Creative Camp will be an 8-day creative media arts boot camp in Abrantes, Portugal. The camp also host concerts, live cinema, exhibitions and public activities.

Read our interview with Nuno Alves, curator of 180 Creative Camp and programming director of Canal180, Portugal’s first open source TV channel.

About the speakers

The 180 Creative Camp will give the participants a chance to work with the most interesting names. Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk, a Dutch illustrator and painter, known for his whimsically colorful works which are instantly recognizable. He is one of the most sought-out and productive artists of today. Gained popularity in 2009 and has hardly stopped working since.

From London, George Muncey, the curator and creator of the Negative Feedback, a quarterly magazine and weekly videos celebrating contemporary photography, giving a new insight and outlook on the current state of analog photography. We will dive into the vibrant world of managed chaos with the Portuguese Royal Studio who are turning the contemporary graphic design on its head elevating it beyond the realms of trendy. You will also have a chance to meet “the world’s youngest editor-in-chief,” Elise by Olsen. Last but not least, we’ll enjoy one of the beautiful Portuguese evenings during the concert of Luis Severo.




🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️ Speakers

  • Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk
  • George Muncey
  • Royal Studio
  • Elise by Olsen

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