The Service Experience Conference

San Francisco, United States

The Service Experience Conference is a mixture of engaging keynotes and workshops taught by service design professionals and focuses on the design of end-to-end service experiences across touchpoints, from definition to modeling to service delivery. It is for people who are passionate about creating great service experiences while also delivering value to the organizations that deliver them.

  • Andy Polaine
  • Lea Simpson
  • Jeff Gothelf
  • Cheryl Dahle
  • Teresa Brazen
  • Khafre Jay
  • Alida Draudt
  • Rupert Cryer
  • Megan Miller
  • Jess McMullin
  • Jodi Forlizzi
  • Alexander Baumgardt
  • Christopher Noessel
  • Kendra Shimmell
  • Nick Remis
  • Dana Chisnell
  • Jason Ulaszek
  • Allan Chochinov
  • Linn Vizard
  • Elina Lawrie
  • Julia Rose West
  • Holly Thorsen

Price: $1995 / 10% off by using code SX17NeonM. They have rolling early bird discounts.

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