AGI Open Paris

Paris, France

AGI Open is an annual conference for students and professionals that coincides with the annual AGI members’ congress. AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) brings together the prominent graphic designers of the world. Theme this year: Borders. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

  • Ariane Spanier
  • Aaron Yung-Chen Nieh
  • Na Kim
  • Nikki Gonnissen
  • Joost Swarte
  • April Greiman
  • Daniela Villanueva Valdes
  • Mara Soler
  • James Yeha Brown
  • Rico Lins
  • Niels Schrader
  • Lance Wyman
  • Uehara Ryosuke
  • Lucienne Roberts
  • Minchaya Chayosumrit
  • Javier Jaén
  • Antonio Silveira Gomes
  • Peter Biľak
  • Masaaki Hiromura
  • Paul Cox
  • Yoshiaki Irobe

Price: € 50 p. day

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