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Design Inbada

Cape Town , South Africa

It’s more than a conference; it’s more than a music festival. It’s the annual do-tank at the intersection of innovation, business, social impact design and creative expression. Design Indaba Festival is a showcase of the best in design and creativity. For the Conference, they have curated a lineup of design thinkers, artists, exhibitions and performances from Africa and the rest of the world.

UX Copenhagen 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark

UX Copenhagen is two day conference for professionals working with and around User Experience Design. For 2018, the presenters will exploring the topic “Ethics & the Role of the User Experience Designer”. Their talks focus on how to design with ethics, usability, accessibility and diversity in mind, both in regards to systems, websites, apps, and physical products, and also in regards to the teams we work in. With a mixture of international and local UX experts UX Copenhagen promise to be two days filled with superb content, inspiration, networking, new knowledge, and new insights.

Price: From DKK6000

  1. Adobe XD workshop on February 26th, 2018
  2. Workshop with Mike Monteiro on March 1st, 2018
  • Mike Monteiro
  • Laura Kalbag
  • Dave Thomas
  • Janne Jul Jensen
  • Jonny Rae-Evans
  • Molly Watt
  • Tim Daniel Hansen
  • Stine Mosegaard Vilhelmsen
  • Andre Jay Meissner
  • Alberta Soranzo

Brand Day London

London, United Kingdom

Brand Day London will feature presentations that explore the elements of successful modern brands: fonts, imagery, user-generated-content and how it all unites to provide an enhanced customer experience. Learn from case studies by internationally-renowned experts who are building and rethinking brands in the digital age.

Price: £ 49 + 20% VAT

  • Jürgen Siebert
  • Jose de Cabo
  • Angus Hyland
  • Jessica Krier
  • Juan Andrés Milleiro
  • Alex Ostrowski
  • Marcela Teran
  • Malou Verlomme

Vuoden Huiput Festival

Helsinki, Finland

Be inspired, get connected and evolve at the second edition of Vuoden Huiput Creative Festival! The event gathers together Finnish and foreign forerunners from various creative practises. During the one-day festival you will get a chance to be inspired by high level keynote speakers and discussions, embrace your creativity at tailored hands-on sessions and meet some of the most forward-thinking minds of the field.

Vuoden Huiput competition shortlist will be announced at the festival and the jurors will shed light on the selection process. Adjacent to the festival we offer a 2 day Masterclass for Art Directors by Alexandra Taylor on March 2nd – 3rd.

Price: Ticket 295 € / Student ticket 49 € / Ticket for members of Grafia 125 €

  • Eike König
  • Leyla Acaroglu
  • Snøhetta / Martin Gran
  • Zélia Sakhi
  • Alexandra Taylor
  • Wang & Söderström
  • Gilles & Cecilie
  • Sarah Hyndman
  • Katleena Kortesuo
  • Jussi Koski
  • Veera Ojola

Toca Me 18

Munich, Germany

Annual one day single track design conference TOCA ME. Since 2003 the goal of the conference us to entertain and inspire the design community. Inspire by high quality presentations and by the venue and its atmosphere.
TOCA ME design conference will be one of the main events of the Munich Creative Business Week taking place from 3rd till 11th March 2018.

Related interview with speaker Mr. Bingo

Price: Early Bird 89€ / Regular 109€ / Late Bird 129€

  • Jared Tarbell
  • Malika Favre
  • Mr Bingo
  • Patrick Thomas
  • Susi Sie
  • Remo Gambacciani

SXSW Conference & Festivals

Austin, Texas, United Stated

South by Southwest is an annual film, interactive media, and music festival and conferences that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas, United States. The event, an essential destination for global professionals, features sessions, showcases, screenings, exhibitions, and a variety of networking opportunities. SXSW proves that the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together. Since it began in 1987, SXSW has continued to grow in both scope and size every year.

Price: Starting at $825

LADFEST 2018 Latin American Design Festival

Lima, Peru

Fourth edition of Latin American Design Festival LADFEST. The most important gathering in Lima with the most recognized designers from Latin America and the world. LADFEST will be held in Museo de la Nación in Lima. A festival with lectures, workshops, talent awards and much more.

Price: Early Bird 75$ / Regular $95 / Late $105

  • Paula Scher
  • Mcbess
  • DIA
  • Studio Furious
  • TypeTogether
  • Zavalita Brand Building
  • OrtnerSchinko
  • vm& estudio gráfico
  • Asís
  • Natalia Jaso
  • Amateur(dot)rocks
  • Aarón Martínez
  • Sophia Ramirez


San Francisco, United States

A new, conference that examines how creators make a living through the internet. The conference focus on the realities of running a creative practice as a business on the internet. Bond will cover everything from establishing a community to building a sustainable career using crowdfunding and community patronage. Bond is organized by BackerKit.

Price: $199

  • Erica Baker
  • Kat Blaque
  • Gary Chou
  • Austin Kleon
  • Indhira Rojas
  • Jesse Thorn
  • Jamie Wilkinson

Malofiej 26 — Infographic World Summit

Pamplona, Spain

The 26th Infographics World Summit will be held in Pamplona at the School of Communication at the University of Navarra, Spain. For seven days Pamplona becomes the world capital of infographics. As every year, the 26th Infographics World Summit will offer a special program and the book Malofiej 25 be presented, which features the works from the previous year’s event.

Price: From € 130


Show Don’t Tell!
The workshop, conducted in English, runs for three days from Sunday to Wednesday and normally has from 20 to 25 participants. The aim of the sessions is to enhance the conceptualization of infographics, their planning and the reporting, as well as fostering teamwork, above the final product itself. Participants work in teams on the projects surpervised by the instructors and give a presentation at the end of each hands on exercise.

  • Aljaž Vindiš
  • Nadieh Bremer
  • Simon Scarr
  • Sisi Wei
  • Julius Tröger
  • Alicia Parlapiano
  • Karin Schwandt
  • Benedetta Signaroldi
  • Debra Anderson
  • Ritchie King

Digital Design Days 2018

Milan, Italy

3rd edition of Digital Design Days, Italy's event dedicated to design, innovation, tech and creativity is back with a stunning new line-up of speakers. Digital Design Day offers a conferences, workshops, installations and many social and networking activities.

Related interviews with speaker: Mr. Bingo, illustrator and rapper, and founders of Digital Design Days / OFFF Milano Filippo Spiezia and Benny Di Tommaso

Price: Starting at 109 €

  • David Carson
  • Ash Thorp
  • UENO
  • Anrick Bregman
  • Mr. Bingo
  • Danny Yount
  • Chris Do
  • Build by Amsterdam
  • Zaoeyo
  • Joshua Davis
  • Masashi Kawamura
  • Tobias Wustefeld
  • Ditroit
  • Teamlab
  • Vitor Veras (Marvel)
  • Triona Butler (Google)
  • PSFK

OFFF Milano 2018

Milan, Italy

3rd edition of OFFF Milano, the post digital culture festival dedicated to design, innovation, tech and creativity.

Related interviews with speaker: Mr. Bingo, illustrator and rapper, and founders of Digital Design Days / OFFF Milano Filippo Spiezia and Benny Di Tommaso

Price: Starting at 109 €

  • David Carson
  • Ash Thorp
  • UENO
  • Anrick Bregman
  • Mr. Bingo
  • Danny Yount
  • Chris Do
  • Build by Amsterdam
  • Zaoeyo
  • Joshua Davis
  • Masashi Kawamura
  • Tobias Wustefeld
  • Ditroit
  • Teamlab
  • Vitor Veras (Marvel)
  • Triona Butler (Google)
  • PSFK

LX: Leading Experience 2018

San Francisco, United States

The LX: Leading Experience Conference is for anyone leading the design and delivery of great experiences. Business services are becoming increasingly complex, and the position of designers is evolving. Our roles include driving change at scale, considering the ethical implications of emerging technologies, and organizing practices that reflect interdisciplinary teams and skillsets to deliver better outcomes for businesses and people. Whether you’re a manager or inspiring from inside your team – at LX you’ll start from within, elevate your cause, and make it happen.

Price: $2,395.00 / Neon Moiré users can enter "LX18NeonM" to receive a 10% discount on their ticket!

  • Antionette Carroll
  • Cap Watkins
  • Patricia Moore
  • Lauren D. Russo
  • Michael Conti
  • Cori Schauer
  • Corinne O Takara
  • Peter Weng
  • Stephen Goldmann
  • Erin Hoffman
  • John Alida Draudt
  • Jaymar Cabebe


Dublin, Ireland

OFFSET is a 3 day creative conference on creativity and bringing together the best in International and Irish creative talent in graphic design, illustration, street and fine art, film, photography, moving image and much, much more.

  • Chris Ware
  • Stephen Doyle
  • Gail Bichler
  • Richard Brim
  • The Creativity Hub
  • Aoife McArdle
  • D.A.D.D.Y
  • Peter Donnelly
  • Beatrice Alemagna
  • Much more still to come

Reasons.London 2018

London, United Kingdom

Reasons to: is an international design and code conference with a festival vibe. Each year the very best creative speakers take to the stage to inform, inspire, entertain, thrill and educate designers and coders.
Reasons to: is curated to inspire, bringing content from many disciplines to give you (designer, coder, creative, film maker, animator, installation builder, illustrator or artist) the opportunity to see and hear new perspectives and the best content in the world.

Price: £89 (price in 2017) £109 (price in 2018) All prices include VAT

  • Marina Willer
  • Jonathan Barnbrook
  • Rob Draper
  • Lizzie Mary Cullen
  • Juno Calypso
  • Mark Robbins


Prague, Czech Republic

The third edition of Mouvo focus on the specifics of the interdisciplinary overlaps in which motion design originates. On the creative process that builds on the principle of cooperation above and beyond a genre-specific box. To think beyond. To try harder. To cross borders, break barriers and influence one another.

Related interview with Vladka Cimbalnikova, co-owner of Oficina and Mouvo producer in 2016.

Price: Regulard ticket: 2200 CZK / Student ticket: 1800 CZK / MOUVO Lover ticket: 3500 CZK

  • Ryan Honey
  • FIELD studio
  • Proud Creative studio
  • Manuel Casasola Merkle

IA Summit 2018

Chicago, Illinois, United States

The IA Summit is the preeminent conference for practitioners and academics who create and manage digital user interfaces and rich information environments. It includes two days of workshops and a three-day main program that attracts the industry’s leading thinkers in information architecture, user experience, and content strategy. Attendees are exposed to timely insights and practical lessons that can be applied immediately at work — and no sales pitches.

Price: $1000 / Early bird discounted rated of $800 ends on February 9th, 2018. Members of IAI and ASIS&T receive a $100 discount.

  • Aaron Irizarry
  • Abby Covert
  • Adam Polansky
  • Alberta Soranzo
  • Alëna Louguina
  • Amanda Ruzin
  • Amy Arden
  • Andy Fitzgerald
  • Ania Mastalerz
  • Anne Gibson
  • Bern Irizarry
  • Bill Horan
  • Bob Boiko
  • Bob Kasenchak
  • Bram Wessel
  • Brian Evans
  • Carol Smith
  • Carrie Hane
  • Chris Chandler
  • Chris Kiess
  • Claiborne Rice
  • Dalia Levine
  • Dan Brown
  • Dan Ramsden
  • Diana Deibel
  • Dorelle Rabinowitz
  • Duane Degler
  • Elise Roy
  • Farai Madzima
  • Frank Branch
  • Greg Swindle
  • Hawk Thompson
  • Ilana Shalowitz
  • Jane Leuchter
  • Janette Shew
  • Jared Spool
  • Jason Hobbs
  • Jay Mccormick
  • Jenny Benevento
  • Jenny Wanger
  • Jeroen Grit
  • Joelle Fleurantin
  • Kaila Manca Karl
  • Fast Kat King
  • Kate Blanch
  • Kate Callahan
  • Koen Terra
  • Kristin Rowley
  • Lara Federoff
  • Lynn Boyden
  • Marcia Bates
  • Marsha Haverty
  • Matthew Fetchko
  • Melinda Geist
  • Mike Doane
  • Nadine Schaeffer
  • Peter Morville
  • Peter Stahl
  • Priya Noel
  • Rachel Knickmeyer
  • Rachel Sengers
  • Rafal Czapski
  • Ramya Mahalingam
  • Ryan Bigge
  • Samvith Srinivas
  • Sarah Rice
  • Seth Dobbs
  • Seth Earley
  • Stacy Surla
  • Tammy Guy
  • Traci Lepore
  • Whitney Quesenbery

-ing creative festival 2018

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

-ing creative festival is about generating creativity and inspiration, gathering talents from all over the world to re-enforce the creative community. It is about inspire-ING, network-ING and generat-ING. (and having fun in the process). -ing is a creative community based in Dubai. They unlock your creative potential through talks, workshops, and networking sessions.

Price: from $70

  • Khajag Apelian
  • Jessica Walsh
  • Tony Bonilla
  • Mitch Sinclair
  • Tron Mai
  • Bosco Hernández
  • Frankie Ratford
  • Karen Kasmauski
  • Seb Lester
  • Eric Eriksson
  • Aoi Yamaguchi
  • Dan Rhatigan
  • Cat Audi
  • David Sherwin
  • Mary Sherwin
  • Laurie Delaney
  • Ramsey Naja
  • Winde Rienstra


Berlin, Germany

TYPO Labs aims to connect font engineers and practitioners with OS developers, CSS experts and academics. The purpose is to provide a platform for the exchange of best practices, advance the state of the art and encourage the integration of new type technologies into future digital communications. Created for developers by developers, the third TYPO Labs will cover the full stack of font developments, including OpenType Variation, CJK deployment and type challenges in the field of VR and AR.

Price: Early Bird 249 € + 19% VAT ➝ 31 Dec 2017 / Student tickets on request

Resonate 2018

Belgrade, Serbia

The Belgrade New Media Festival, celebrates it's 7th anniversary in 2018. The festival brings together artists to drive a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture. #Res18


Fontstand International Typography Conference

Zagreb, Croatia

On April 21, 2018, Fontstand is organising their first International Typography Conference. A day packed with presentations and discussions in the Croatian capital of Zagreb. Meet and learn from the world-class type designers and typographers from around the world, discussing the creation and use of type in the 21st century.

Price: Only 100 tickets are available, for the price of €100 (+ VAT)

Forward Festival Vienna 2018

Vienna, Austria

Forward Festival Vienna, brings together international and local creative heads, who provide insights into their stories in an exciting atmosphere. The conference, the centerpiece of the festival, has various side events, such as workshops, live art sessions and networking events. The idea behind Forward is to create a festival where the creative community can exchange opinions, inspire and learn from each other.

Price: € 200 / Early Bird € 175

  • Paula Scher
  • Jette Hopp
  • Gavin Strange
  • Ferry Gouw
  • Matt Lambert
  • Stefanie Moshammer

Digifest 2018

Toronto, Canada

Digifest is a three-day tech festival featuring thought leaders & innovations that tackle global issues and challenges. Organized annually by the Digital Media and Gaming Incubator at George Brown College in Toronto. Digifest brings together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, students and creative together to sharing compelling digital content in the interactive, gaming and design industries.

Price: $25 - $90

  • Geoff Cape
  • Claudia El-Moor
  • Claudia El-Moor
  • Dana McCauley
  • Angela Misri
  • Jonathan Moneta
  • Idris Mootee
  • Navid Nathoo
  • Jenna Pilgrim
  • Tina Sauerlaender
  • Ye Tao
  • Erandy Vergara
  • Linda Volkers
  • Norman White

IAM Weekend 18

Barcelona, Spain

Internet Age Media the best weekend of the year for internet people! Fourth IAM Weekend offers the future of internet culture, within the theme: Subversions of Paradoxes.

Price: From: € 149

beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf 2018

Düsseldorf, Germany

beyond tellerrand is a web- and design festival. With a workshops and talks for creative minds on: design, technology, inspiration plus room for networking.

Related interview
We interviewed Marc Thiele, founder and organizer of beyond tellerrand about how he finds the right mix of speakers, side events, swag and partnerships. Read the feature

Price: Early Bird €179 / Standard €279 (including booking fees and VAT)

99U Conference 2018

New York, United States

The 99U Conference is to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution. Learn from the world’s top thinkers and doers in a series of main stage talks over two days. 99U speakers offer pragmatic, real-world insights that transcend creative sectors.


28th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2018

Brno, Czech Republic

The Brno Biennial, established in 1963, is one of the oldest and most important events in the field of visual communication worldwide. This 2018 edition is curated by the OKOLO creative group, comprised of Matěj Činčera, Jan Kloss and Adam Štěch.

Awwwards Conference - San Francisco 2018

San Francisco, United States

Awwwards Conference - San Francisco 2018. Twice a year Awwwards organise a Digital Thinkers Conference. Showcasing, in iconic location, digital visionaries, thought leaders, top agencies and designers from across the world to share their secrets, and open new dialogues about the future of the web.

Related interview:
For the Neon Moiré Show, our podcast, we interviewed speaker Matias Corea recently. Have a listen.

Price: Early Bird $425 / Standard $500

  • Matias Corea
  • Claudio Guglieri
  • Aaron James Draplin
  • Tom Giannattasio
  • Peter Smart
  • Val Head
  • Lysandre Follet
  • Tito Hamze
  • Ash Huang
  • Dann Petty
  • Mariko Kosaka
  • Ryan Carson
  • Molly Nix
  • August de los Reyes
  • Yiying Lu
  • Chris Cloud
  • Julia Khusainova
  • Navin Iyengar
  • Fabricio Teixeira

TYPO Berlin 2018 »Trigger« International Design Conference

Berlin, Germany

TYPO Berlin 2018 »TRIGGER« will be about the practise of change, about scenarios, about heroes and evaluation. It will be about big data and personal data. Triggering is everywhere, whether driven by human or artificial intelligence. It can come with deception (fake news) and with revelations (fact checking). It can trigger a personal recommendation or automated purchasing suggestion. A trigger is a key stimulus, a filter, and an impulse. TYPO 2018 will explore the mechanisms of the digital transformation. And it will address the role of design in that process. It will challenge skills, methods, and tools.

Related speaker interview: Hansje van Halem, about the new graphic style for Lowlands

Price: Until end of 2017: € 399 for Pros (excl. VAT) / € 199 For Students (incl. VAT). Jan to Feb 2018: € 549 for Pros (excl. VAT) / € 249 For Students (incl. VAT). From March 2018 € 649 for Pros (excl. VAT)

  • Chris Campe
  • Elizabeth Carey Smith
  • Antonia M. Cornelius
  • Petra Dočekalová
  • Gerd Fleischmann
  • Saar Friedman
  • Andreas Frohloff
  • Golnar Kat Rahmani
  • Jonathan Key
  • Charles Landry
  • Alejandro Masferrer
  • Toshi Omagari
  • Ulrike Rausch
  • Radek Sidun
  • Elliot Jay Stocks
  • Underware
  • Frank Rausch
  • Briar Levit
  • Hansje van Halem
  • Elliot Jay Stocks

By Design Conference 2018

Bratislava, Slovakia

By Design Conference is a international conference for designers, entrepreseurs and creative minds. The one day event focus on design and business.

OFFF Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

18th edition of OFFF Barcelona. Born as a post-digital culture festival, now feeding the future through a 3-day design conferences, workshops and performances by the most relevant artists of our time.

Semi Permanent Sydney 2018

Sydney, Australia

Three day conference Semi Permanent brings together internationally renowned designers, artists & creative icons for live events, presentations, workshops & parties. In 2018 Semi Permanent explores the 'creative tension as inspiration' those moments of positive and negative friction that come before a breakthrough.

Related interview: Murray Bell, founder and director Semi Permanent


  • Godfrey Dadich
  • Tinker Hatfield
  • Paula Scher
  • Ajaz Ahmed
  • Gemma O'Brien
  • Joyce N. Ho
  • and more... - May 24-26
  • 2018

Forward Festival Munich 2018

Munich, Germany

Forward Festival Vienna, brings together international and local creative heads, who provide insights into their stories in an exciting atmosphere. The conference, the centerpiece of the festival, has various side events, such as workshops, live art sessions and networking events. The idea behind Forward is to create a festival where the creative community can exchange opinions, inspire and learn from each other.

Price: € 200 / Early Bird € 175

  • Jette Hopp
  • Boogie
  • Matt McCue

Forward Festival Zurich 2018

Zurich, Switserland

Forward Festival Zurich, brings together international and local creative heads, who provide insights into their stories in an exciting atmosphere. The conference, the centerpiece of the festival, has various side events, such as workshops, live art sessions and networking events. The idea behind Forward is to create a festival where the creative community can exchange opinions, inspire and learn from each other.

Price: 350 CHF / Early Bird 300 CHF

  • Stefan Sagmeister
  • Snøhetta
  • Boogie
  • Gavin Strange
  • Matt McCue

Eyeo Festival 2018

Minneapolis, United States

Since 2011, the annual Eyeo Festival brings together creative coders, data designers and creators working at the intersection of data, art & technology for talks, workshops, labs and events.

Price: $679

  • KR Pipkin
  • Teju Cole
  • Lindsay Grace
  • Hannah Davis
  • Jane Friedhoff
  • Dynamicland
  • Ariel Waldman
  • Giorgia Lupi
  • Chris Cheung
  • Casey Reas
  • Meredith Whittaker
  • John Keefe
  • Matt Adams
  • David Ha
  • Shannon Mattern
  • Blacki Migliozzi
  • Mona Chalabi
  • Andy Gilmore
  • Stefanie Posavec
  • Brian House
  • Hyphen-Labs
  • Amanda Cox
  • Manoush Zomorodi
  • AnnMarie Thomas
  • Neil Mendoza
  • Nathaniel Raymond
  • Rebecca Fiebrink
  • Gilberto Esparza

Kerning 2018

Faenza, Italy

Kerning an annual conference dedicated solely to typography and web typography. With 2-days hands-on workshops and one conference day.


Type@Paris 2018

Paris, France

Type@Paris is a 5-week typeface design program, which started in 2015.

Over the course of the program, industry leaders including Xavier Dupré, Indra Kupferschmid, Jean François Porchez (founder of TypeParis), Julien Priez and Mathieu Réguer will teach and mentor students in both traditional and modern craft techniques of typeface design.

Located in the center of Paris, students will be able to enjoy the culture of the city and will also receive access to historic materials at key libraries in the city. Renowned guest critics, will compliment the daily program with unique perspectives around typography and design.

Additionally, a series of talks will be organized (and open to the public) in parallel to the formal typography program. Various renowned designers will be invited to share this opportunity to discuss the history, design, and the future of typography design.

The #typeparis18 programme will take place between 11 June 2018 and 13 July 2018. To don’t miss the 14 March 2018 application deadline.

CXI Brand talks 2018 a corporate and brand identity conference

Bielefeld, Germany

10th edition of CXI Brand talks! CXI is an one-day brand and cor­po­rate iden­tity event organized by Bie­le­feld School of Design. During the sessions questions like: What de­fi­nes the ef­fec­tiven­ess of a corporate identity pro­ject? What ex­actly is nee­ded, from both cli­ent and agency? And how can such a com­plex pro­cess be im­ple­men­ted in a way that works? Will be addressed, next to showcasing re-design for big brands.

Related interview with Prof. Robert Paulmann, of Bielefeld School of Design, who is organizing the CXI conference.


New York, United States

Typographics is a design festival for people who use type. 4th edition of this annual event devoted to contemp­orary typo­graphy, with talks, work­shops, and tours focusing on where typo­graphy is today and where its future may lie. It will be held at The Cooper Union in New York City.

Price: From $357

  • Irene Pereyra
  • Anton Repponen
  • Veronika Burian
  • José Scaglione

Design West Summer School

Letterfrack, Ireland

Design West — Ireland’s exciting new International Design Summer School, set in Connemara on the Wild Atlantic Way, is now open for applications. Design West facilitates both individual and collaborative approaches to the making of 2D and 3D design expressions, including visual communication, installations, abstract and environmental design.

Price: €1800 — The fee includes accommodation (individual room, shared living space, kitchen, bathroom), tuition, lectures, walking tours, workshops, opening & closing ceremony meals. It does not include travel (flights) to and from the course or daily meals.

  • Lizá Ramalho
  • Artur Rebelo
  • Isidro Ferrer
  • Ken Deegan
  • Noelle Cooper
  • Colin Farmer
  • Conor Clarke
  • Susan Rogers
  • GMIT Letterfrack


Brighton, United Kingdom

Ampersand is an affordable one-day web typography conference, bringing together the industry’s leading thinkers and designers from across the worlds of type and web design.

Price: £ 180 Early Bird (available until 7 March, 12 noon GMT) / standard £235

  • Michael Johnson
  • Bianca Berning
  • Jen Simmon

180 Creative Camp 2018

Abrantes, Portugal

180 Creative Camp aims to provide a time and place for young creators, invited artists and thinkers to learn together, exchange experiences and give birth to amazing creations. It will be an 8 day Media Arts Academy in cozy Abrantes, Portugal. You’ll have the time and the freedom to explore the city and give it another life!

Read our interview with Nuno Alves, curator of 180 Creative Camp and programming director of Canal180, Portugal’s first open source TV channel.


Forward Festival Hamburg 2018

Hamburg, Germany

Premier edition of Forward Festival Hamburg. Forward Festival Hamburg brings together international and local creative heads, who provide insights into their stories in an exciting atmosphere. The conference, the centerpiece of the festival, has various side events, such as workshops, live art sessions and networking events. The idea behind Forward is to create a festival where the creative community can exchange opinions, inspire and learn from each other.

Price: €85 — €399

  • Stefan Sagmeister
  • Erik Kessels
  • Hungry Castle

ICON10 - The Illustration Conference

Detroit, United States

Since 1999, ICON brings together top illustrators, designers, educators, representatives, and art buyers to explore the future of illustration. With more than 60 speakers on stage over four days, ICON is committed to providing a diverse forum for an ongoing dialogue that serves the illustration, design, publishing, advertising, and academic communities.


  • Wesley Allsbrook
  • Michael Bartalos
  • Rob Beatty
  • Pierre Bennu
  • Jamyla Bennu
  • Nicholas & R.O. Blechman
  • Sophie Blackall
  • Vanessa Brantley Newton
  • Nick Butcher
  • Nadine Nakanishi
  • Jun Cen
  • Saiman Chow
  • Chuck Cordes
  • Bil Donovan
  • Lisk Feng
  • Emil Ferris
  • Justin Gabbard
  • Marti Golon
  • Jorge Gutierrez
  • Tyree Guyton
  • Jenenne Whitfield
  • Jon Han
  • Jasu Hu
  • Robert Hunt
  • Anne Ishii
  • Graham Kolbeins
  • Sydney James
  • Shannon May
  • Anne Elizabeth Moore
  • Robert Newman
  • Ouizi
  • Mike Perry
  • Andrea Pippins
  • Adam Rubin
  • Daniel Salmieri
  • Nathaniel Russell
  • Ellen Rutt
  • Dadu Shin
  • Vandana Taxali
  • Armando Veve
  • Jing Wei
  • JooHee Yoon

Design & Content Conference 2018

Vancouver, Canada

Fourth edition of the Design & Content Conference. Design & Content Conference is for designers and content strategists around the globe. Here you hear from industry leaders about crafting experiences and telling stories that shape the future of the web. The conference is set up with one day of workshops, two days of talks, and thoughtful extras in one of the most beautiful cities, Vancouver.
Watch here videos of the 2017 edition.

Typetersburg 2018

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Annual international event for professional graphic designers. The festival’s program will include exhibitions and workshops of renowned international designers. Conference with two lecture days will take place on the August 4—5th. Every year in Saint Petersburg during the close of famous white nights, Typetersburg gathers local and international professional design community. Two conference days are visited by 500+ designers all around the world, so that they have an opportunity to communicate, exchange experience and discuss of modern type design and technologies

UX Week 2018

San Francisco, United States

16th edition of the UX Week. UX Week is a mixture of engaging keynotes and informative workshops from leading professionals in the field of UX design. UX Week is for design professionals. from all over the world to get inspiration and building new skills.

Price: $2795 / Neon Moiré users can enter the code "UX18NeonM" for a 10% discount on tickets! Also, take advantage of the rolling early bird discounts by buying tickets early.

  • Roman Mars

Design + Diversity Conference

St. Louis, United States

3rd edition of the Design + Diversity conference explores proactive ways to make the design industry more diverse. As the only conference that focuses on diversity issues in the design field, the event provides a platform for constructive conversation among those who design, innovate, and lead.

The Conference 2018

Malmö, Sweden

Eight edition of The Conference. A two day explore of complexity and trends in the digital world of ours. The curated sessions help you connect the dots between the widespread disciplines and topics such as culture, arts, human behavior, tech and science.

Related interview: We talked with Cecilia Frankel, of The Conference. On organizing and curating the festival, and why the world needs more fluffiness. Read the feature.

Nordic.Design 2018

Stockholm, Sweden

Second edition of this one day, single track design conference in Stockholm. With talks by internationally renowned speakers and rising stars in the design community. Organized by the people behind nordic.js

ATypI 2018

Antwero, Belgium

ATypI 2018 will be held in Antwerp, Belgium, from the 11th until the 15th September 2018. The local organizing team consists of Ann Bessemans, Jo De Baerdemaker, Joke Gossé, Yves Peters and Frederik Berlaen.

Brand New Conference 2018

New York, United States

A two-day conference on corporate and brand identity with 16 sessions from today’s most active and influential practitioners around the world. Organized by UnderConsideration

Price: $450 Pro / $225 Student Early bird: Pro: $350 / Student: $175 until end April 2018


Hamburg, Germany

NEXT is a 2-day event for those who actively participate in shaping the digital transformation. The NEXT Conference is during the Reeperbahn Festival, which is 19 until 22 September 2018.

Price: Apply for ticket

Design Matters 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark

Design Matters is a conference on new movements in Digital Design. It brings together design practitioners from the best and most happening companies around the world for two days of design talks, workshops, discussions and socializing in Copenhagen.


Malmö, Sweden

CONFRONT is a day about dev and design. It is an interactive day with keynotes, talks and workshops dedicated to front-end, focusing on the dialogue between developers and designers.

Price: From 1900-3500 SEK

  • Hakim El Hattab
  • Una Kravets
  • more TBA


Tel Aviv, Israel

Second edition of OFFF TLV. Two days of OFFF creativity in Tel Aviv, Israel. OFFF is a place to connect en get inspired through interdisciplinary design and creativity.

What’s coming? 2 lecture halls, the market yard, interactive booths, Funzone, creative people and lots of global inspiration

KIKK Festival 2018

Namur, Belgium

The 8th edition of KIKK a multi-track festival on the intersection of art, science & tech to explore the economic and artistic implications of new technologies. The conference is on Thursday and Friday, all exhibitions are also open on Saturday and Sunday.