Weltformat 16

Lucerne, Switzerland​

8th edition of the international poster festival. With a international student poster competition on topic: Original & Copy. → entree form

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Architecture & Design Film Festival

New York, United States

8th edition of the Architecture & Design Film Festival. It is a film festival celebrating the creative spirit behind some of the world's most remarkable architecture and design.

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Jaipur, India

Designyatra, an annual conference design conference. Featuring some of the biggest names in global creative industry.

  • Alex Daly
  • Greg Quinton
  • Handsome Frank
  • Michael Wolff
  • Jon Marshall
  • Kate Dawkins
  • Michael Johnson
  • NB Studio
  • Paul Austin
  • Tony Davidson
  • Yuko Shimizu

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Mexico City, Mexico

The 5th edition of OFFF Mexico.

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Print | ‘Graphic & …’

Zwolle, Netherlands

An one day symposium in the serie ‘Graphic & …’. This edition on the graphic design and music.

  • René Knip
  • Ruben Stellingwerf
  • Willem Kolvoort
  • Joost Pollmann

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We Love Graphic Design

Copenhagen, Denmark

The sixth edition of this one day event on the wonderful world of graphic design.

  • Tobias van Schneider
  • Erik Kessel
  • Elliot Jay Stocks
  • Fernando Baptista
  • Mr. Bingo

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Retune Festival

Berlin, Germany

4th edition of the Retune Festival, an experimental laboratory at the intersection of Art, Design and Technology. With a worldwide community of coding artists mediates between research, industry practice and the wider public. The Retune Festival triggers a debate about these technologies’ implications on culture and society.

Price: € 99 - 219

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New York, United States

Data + Storytelling + Design

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Maintenant Festival 2016

Rennes, France

A snapshot of artistic contemporary creativity in visual arts, music and new technologies.

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REDO — International Graphic Design Conference

Prishtina, Kosova

Redo is an annual three-day event in Prishtina. This is the sixth edition, and brings together designers from around the world to create a discourse around the current issues within the practice of graphic design.

We talked with REDO's program director Bardhi Haliti. We talk about organizing, graphic design, education and Pristina. Read the interview.

Price: €10

  • ATLAS Studio
  • Maureen Mooren
  • NODE
  • Motto
  • Veronica Ditting
  • Karl Nawrot
  • Samuel Nyholm

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The Meat Conference

Edinburgh, Scotland

A one day, single track creative conference to inspire, gain clarity and leave you with a new found enthusiasm.

  • Ashley Baxter
  • Mr Bingo
  • Gavin Strange
  • Jeff Sheldon
  • Justin Maller

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Graphic Design Festival Scotland

Glasgow, Scotland

Third edition of GDFS. A event that promotes creativity, innovation, collaboration and challenging ways of thinking through a programme of workshops, talks, panel discussions, exhibitions, competitions, music and urban murals.

The festival as a poster competition with an open brief. Submissions may be created specifically for the competition, for a client or as self promotion. Competition Closes 01.08.16. Info & Submit

  • The Future Laboratory
  • Wikihouse
  • Emblemmatic

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AIGA Design Conference

Las Vegas, United States

The AIGA Design Conference brings the design community together to experience provocative speakers, local culture, nightly networking receptions, competitions, exhibitions, professional development sessions and face-to-face roundtables with your design heroes.

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Maine, United States

This year Poptech celebrates the 20th anniversary of their annual conference with the theme: Culture Clash!

Price: $ 1500 - 2000

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Smashing Conference Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

The second annual SmashingConf Barcelona with 4 workshops about frontend and UX design

  • Sara Soueidan
  • Jonathan Snook
  • Val Head
  • Stephen Hay
  • Jen Simmons
  • Peter Sunde
  • Jessica Svendsen
  • Maciej Ceglowski
  • Laura Elizabeth
  • Jeremy Keith
  • Tammy Everts
  • Marcin Wichary
  • Ulrika Malmgren
  • Adrian Zumbrunnen
  • Colin McFarland
  • Christian Holst

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Impakt Festival 2016

Utrecht, Netherlands

Impakt is an annual five-day festival with exhibitions, lectures and screenings at different locations. Impakt presents critical and creative views on contemporary media culture. The 2016 edition is themed Authenticity?

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​Digital Design Days & Award

Milan, Italy

Three days of Digital Design, with conferences, the first edition of OFFF Milano, the Digital Design Award ceremony, professional workshops, digital showcases, a networking party and many networking activities.

Price: € 159 - 269

  • Nerdo
  • Accurat
  • Alex Jenkins
  • Riccardo Giraldi
  • Jakob Kahlen
  • Unit9
  • Chiara Luzzana
  • Saizen Media
  • Mucho
  • The Shift
  • Ars Thanea
  • Uprising
  • Mediamonks
  • Lab81
  • David McCandless
  • Scozzese
  • Studio Aira
  • IDEO
  • Gruppo Roncaglia
  • The Mill
  • Claudio Guglieri
  • DrawLight
  • Alex Brunori
  • AQuest
  • Bitmama
  • Hector Ayuso
  • Roll Studio
  • GMunk
  • Anton & Irene
  • Thinking About
  • Vergani & Gasco
  • Vasava
  • VanGoGh
  • Julius Design
  • Dogstudio
  • Adoratorio
  • Graffiti
  • Carla Cascales
  • Sorob Louie
  • Sehsucht
  • MonoGrid
  • Gebe
  • Francesco Marzoli
  • AWD Agency

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OFFF Milano

Milan, Italia

OFFF festival for the first time in Italy. This post-digital culture festival brings a combination of creatives, on/offline designers, motion designers, thinkers, sound designers, graphic designers, theorists, developers and … curious people from all over the world to meet and collaborate.

Price: € 159-269

  • Hector Ayuso
  • GMunk
  • Vasava
  • Mucho
  • Ars Thanea
  • Carla Cascales
  • Sehsucht
  • Anton & Irene
  • IDEO
  • The Mill

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Design Lecture Series - Kenya Hara

Seattle, United States

Join Japanese designer, curator, author, educator and renowned design thinker, Kenya Hara, for a free lecture at the Seattle Public Library – Central Branch as part of the 2016/2017 Design Lecture Series.

Price: Free

  • Kenya Hara

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DDW goes Digital

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Fourth edition of DDW goes Digital a event during the Dutch Design Week. This years theme is 'Where Digital Meets the Real World’.

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Playground Festival — Breda

Breda, The Netherlands

Playground is a 5 day festival for animators, vfx artists, game developers, sound & graphic designers on two locations, Breda and Amsterdam. This year they celebrate their 10th anniversary with the theme: Imagine Everything.

  • Dvein
  • Tippett Studio
  • Lernert & Sander
  • Studio Aka
  • Neal Scanlan
  • Gustav Hoegen
  • Jordan Bruner
  • Random Studio
  • PetPunk

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Adobe MAX

San Diego, United States

A three day gathering with inspirational and iconic speakers who push boundaries. To learn new skills, discover the latest technologies, and discuss emerging trends.

Price: $ 299 - 1295

  • Lynsey Addario
  • Jared Leto
  • Sara Dietschy
  • Diane Domeyer
  • Stephen Gates
  • Becky Simpson
  • Amy Balliett
  • Sebastian Bleak
  • Chad Chelius
  • Rufus Deuchler
  • Martina Flor
  • James Fritz
  • Mordy Golding
  • Nick Grant
  • Maria Grønlund
  • Mark Heaps
  • Ekene Ijeoma
  • Chana Messer
  • Debbie Millman
  • Avi Muchnick
  • Michael Ninness
  • Daniel Pelavin
  • Yves Peters
  • Thomas Phinney
  • Justin Seeley
  • Nicholas van der Walle
  • Terry White
  • Laura Worthington
  • Lindsay Adler
  • Jim Babbage
  • Corey Barker
  • Russell Brown
  • Dave Cross
  • Katrin Eismann
  • Michael Flarup
  • Zorana Gee
  • Tim Grey
  • Brian Haberlin
  • Josh Haftel
  • Jason Hoppe
  • Julieanne Kost
  • Bria Lear
  • Bert Monroy
  • Stephen Nielson
  • Tomasz Opasinski
  • Daniel Presedo
  • Helena Price
  • Jesus Ramirez
  • Sarah Silver
  • Colin Smith
  • Paul Trani
  • Kyle Webster
  • AJ Wood
  • Robbie Carman
  • Jeff Greenberg
  • Rich Harrington
  • Dave Helmly
  • Christine Steele
  • Dave Werner
  • Sherry Bishop
  • Jina Bolton
  • Demian Borba
  • Chris Converse
  • Nancy Douyon
  • Chris Georgenes
  • Chris Kellett
  • Joseph Labrecque
  • Aaron Lawrence
  • Mike Roush
  • Patti Sokol
  • Joseph Todaro

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WIRED 2016

London, United Kingdom

A two-day conference to abandon your comfort zone, discover some of the world’s most disruptive minds and explore the trends of tomorrow.

Price: £ 835 - 1670 + VAT

  • Philipe Rosedale
  • Joe Lonsdale
  • Mustafa Suleyman
  • Jo Berry
  • Patrick Magee
  • Taavet Hinrikus
  • Chris Lejeune
  • Sheelika Ravishankar
  • Daan Roosegaarde
  • Thor Bjorgolfsson
  • Shekhar Kaphur
  • Chris Turner

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Design Thinkers Conference

Toronto, Canada

Canada’s annual DesignThinkers Conference. DesignThinkers 2016 delves into industry trends with visionaries from a range of visual communications-related disciplines including design, user experience, advertising, branding, consumer engagement, film, social media and entrepreneurship.

Price: $445 - $650

  • Justin Ahrens
  • Julien Vallée
  • Eve Duhamel
  • Paola Antontelli
  • John Glenn Arnowitz
  • Ashleigh Axios
  • Jake Barton
  • Connie Birdsall
  • Stefan G. Bucher
  • Cory Doctorow
  • Rob Duncan
  • Tobias Frere-Jones
  • Bob Hambly
  • Steven Heller
  • Tim Irvine
  • Natasha Jen
  • Erik Kessels
  • Jenny Lam
  • Meg Lewis
  • Dan Makoski
  • Steve Powers
  • Barry Quinn
  • Erin Sarofsky
  • Lee Steffen
  • Matt Willey

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Playground Festival — Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Playground is a 5 day festival for animators, vfx artists, game developers, sound & graphic designers on two locations, Breda and Amsterdam. This year they celebrate their 10th anniversary with the theme: Imagine Everything.

  • Dvein
  • Tippett Studio
  • Lernert & Sander
  • Studio Aka
  • Neal Scanlan
  • Gustav Hoegen
  • Jordan Bruner
  • Random Studio
  • PetPunk

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Namur, Belgium

The 6th edition of KIKK a festival on the intersection of art, science & tech to explore the economical and artistic implications of new technologies. The conference is on Thursday and Friday, all exhibitions are also open Saturday.

Event website

State Festival

Berlin, Germany

STATE Experience Science Festival is a 2-day event for scientific ideas and creativity across disciplines. It creates a meeting ground for science, art and the public, where scientific inquiry meets artistic expression. The festival aims to takes its visitors to a parallel universe to explore and challenge the boundaries between science and art.

Event website

Pictoplasma Conference NYC 2016

New York, United States

5th edition of Pictoplasma conference in New York. Pictoplasma is a contemporary character design and art conference. The program has artist talks, animation screenings and panel discussions celebrating the next generation of character design and art!

Price: $180 - 260

  • Ben Bocquelet
  • Jean Jullien
  • Julian Glander
  • Martina Paukova
  • Mr Kat
  • You Jung Byun

Event website

Web Summit

Lisbon, Portugal

One of the biggest technology gatherings around.

Event website

Style Frames

New York, United States

After 3 years STYLE FRAMES: The Art of the Pitch returns. Showcasing a wide range of creative disciplines, from design, animation and VFX to interactive and VR. The conference goal is to help you stay inspired, competitive and connected.

Event website

Beyond Tellerrand

Berlin, Germany

Third Berlin edition of the 2-day conference Beyond Tellerrand. A event for design and tech interested people, with talks, intense workshops and several side events. We're you get inspired, learn and meet new people.

Price: € 279

  • Jeff Greenspan
  • Erika Hall
  • Sacha Judd
  • Mike Kus
  • Mike Monteiro
  • Heydon Pickering

Event website



Eindhoven, The Netherlands

A Festival On Economy, without Economists. Economia is a threeday festival in which they collectively explore new ideas and thinking about our economy. The event is a laboratory for ideas, a place where attendees can step out of the existing frame. The festival will use unexpected and playful approaches looking at the essentials of economy, thus establishing a fresh point of view on the economic system and our society. During the festival the second edition of Renewable Futures conference will take place and aims to push the boundaries of our thinking about economy.

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New Orleans, United States

INST-INT explores the art of interactivity for objects, environments and experiences.

  • Delaney Martin
  • Emily Gobeille
  • Jay Pennington
  • Kelli Anderson
  • Luke Fischbeck
  • Mary Mattingly
  • Melissa Mongiat
  • Miriam Langer
  • Mouna Andraos
  • Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
  • Refik Anadol
  • Sarah Rara
  • Theodore Watson

Event website

Interaction 17

New York, United States

The 10th annual interaction design conference organized by the IxDA. This edition Interaction 17 asks: how does environment shape interaction, and how should we, as designers, respond?

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Melbourne, Australia

7th edition of this listen to your audiences, get your hand dirty, figure out what’s next conference in Melbourne on Creative, Tech and Business.

They have a call for entries open till April 16th 2016.

Event website

LadFest 2017

Lima, Peru

A celebration of Latin American creativity, and visual arts.

  • Malika Favre
  • Grand Chamaco
  • Vallée Duhamel
  • Futura
  • Martina Flor

Event website

Offset Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

OFFSET is a 3 day creative conference on creativity and bringing together international and Irish creative talent in graphic design, illustration, street and fine art, film, photography, moving image and much, much more.

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SXSW 2017

Austin, United States

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual conference & festival celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries.

  • Interaction Conference: 10-16 March
  • Film Conference: 10-15 March
  • Music Conference: 14-18 March
  • Convergence Conference: 10-18 March
  • Exhibitions: 10-18 March
  • Interactive Festival: 10-14 March
  • Film Festival: 10-18 March
  • Music Festival: 13-19 March
  • Comedy Festival: 12-18 March

Price: $ 295 - 1150

Event website

OFFF Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

17th edition of OFFF Barcelona. Born as a post-digital culture festival, now feeding the future through a 3-day design conferences, workshops and performances by the most relevant artists of our time.

Event website


Prague, Czech Republic

Second edition of Mouvo. An one day event that focus on motion design in all its forms to draw attention to one of the most progressively developing areas in graphic design in live form.

Event website


Belgrade, Serbia

Resonate, the Belgrade New Media Festival, celebrates it's 6th anniversary in 2017. The festival brings together artists to drive a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture.

Price: € 119 - 229

Event website

Internet Age Media

Barcalona, Spain

Third IAM Weekend offers the future of niche communication, the randomness of internet culture, the middle of an exciting decade, within the theme: Renaissance of Utopias.

Event website


Winnipeg, Canada

The Architecture + Design Film Festival (A+DFF) presents critically acclaimed films focusing on the importance of architecture and design in everyday life. The films cover a range of design-oriented topics from architecture and urban design to graphics and product design. A+DFF is the only festival in Canada devoted solely to architecture and design.

Event website

Beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, Germany

Beyond tellerrand is a web- and design festival. With a workshops and talks for creative minds on: design, technology, inspiration plus room for networking.

Price: € 179 - 279

Event website

TYPO Berlin

Berlin, Germany

The 3-day conference TYPO Berlin 2017 is about 'Wanderlust'. Stepping out your comfort zone and embracing the joy of change.

Price: € 199 - 427

Event website

Blend 2017

Vancouver, Canada

A two-day conference-style festival about motion, design and animation family.

Event website

99U Conference 2017

New York, United States

The 99U Conference is all about "Empowering the Creative Community" to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution. Providing road-tested insights on how to make your ideas happen.

Event website

Bump Festival

Kortrijk, Belgium

Second edition of Bump Festival, an inspirational festival for creatives. Get your mind blown by illustrators, graphic designers, UX experts, creative coders and motion graphics artists.

  • Ash Thorp

Event website